Friday, April 3, 2015

Sailor Moon & Tristan's random list

It often happens that people ask me to draw them an ATC on a theme that I know nothing about. Sailor Moon is a cartoon or rather anime. Don't ask me the difference. My cartoon watching days were over a long time ago. I come from a generation of Tom & Jerry and the like cartoons. :)
Random news from the world of Tristan:
  • he smiles in his sleep
  • he also has bad dreams and wakes up crying
  • his skin cleared up nicely
  • I have to cut his fingernails every other day and he still manages to scratch himself
  • his grandma made this quilt from the picture for him
  • his hair is growing where the bold spots were
  • he has double chin - my little Buddha :))
  • he "talks" to a certain stuffed doggy
  • fastest way to calm him down is to put him over my shoulder and turn him so he can watch my paintings on the wall :))
  • he peed on his daddy for the first time this week

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  1. Your big-eyed girl is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photo of Tristan. He is quite a handsome fellow. It's neat that he appreciates his momma's art so early in life.

  2. Love your girl ATC .. and love to see this sweet boy again.. he is wonderful!
    Fantastic that Tristan likes your art.. maybe he will get an artist as well?!
    Happy Easter to you and your nice little family!
    Happy PPF!

  3. Nice drawing.
    And Tristan ... so, so sweet!

  4. Well you've captured that Manga art look from those kind of cartoons really well with your girl ATC. Tristan is super cute - I remember when my friend had a baby boy among the stuff I got her was a little 'teepee' that goes over the boy's bits when you're changing his nappy to stop those sorts of peeing accidents - who knew you could even get something like that!!

  5. Tristan is adorable. I love his smile and look of contentment as he sleeps. Your girl looks very sweet. I love her eyes.

  6. Wonderful Sailor Moon and even more wonderful Tristen and all his little changes!! I love that paisley quilt his grandma made!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for so sweetly sharing your little man with us!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. haha, love those random facts :-) Lovely ATC!

  8. Lovely drawing. Tristan is so adorablešŸ˜Š

  9. Love your art :) But do love your little man so much more. He is so adorable and love hearing of his progress even the peeing on Daddy skills :)

  10. He peed on his daddy! LOL! You always make me smile! Love Sailor Moon ;o) Hugs ;o)


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