Friday, March 27, 2015

Whimsical Build-A-Girl CHALLENGE

I joined an ATC swap where you had to "build" your own whimsical girl from prompts given in three columns. This is what I came up with. :)
A: Non-traditional hair
B: Flowers/Plants/Mushrooms
C: Red+Yellow+Orange

A: Antlers
B: Animals/Birds/Insects
C: Brown+Blue+Cream

A: Wings
B: Heart (anatomical or symbolic)
C: Black+White+Another color

A: Big eyes
B: Elaborate Jewelry
C: Gold+Black+Another color
And here's our boy in the car on our way to the doctor's again. He has diarrhea but the doc says it's all normal. He was an angel this time around even smiling at the doc. :) Can't tell from this picture, tho.


  1. Awe poor little dude..what a sweetie...always a joy to see him!! Adorable atc's Hard to pick a favorite but I think it's Lily with the owl!! Great job at being a mom and still creating..good for you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. What a great idea with the prompts and you came up with really excellent girls - I love them all but I have to say I like Lily with her antlers and owl especially! Glad to hear your little man was good with the doctor - he's a real cutie!

  3. Your ATC's are always unusual and stunningly made.
    The prompts are inspiring, that sounds like a great ATC swap group.
    If I had to choose a favourite, I would choose two, Lilly with her fierce looking owl (maybe he wants his own ATC) and India with her jewelry.

  4. delightful whimsy girls Natasha! Hope all goes well with the doc and little Tristan.

  5. Amazing girls Natasha! So glad to see your sweet boy again, and fine that the doc said it's all normal! ♥♥

  6. Excellent with creating from the list of prompts. The ATCs turned out beautifully. Glad to hear the little one is good, such a sweetie.

  7. it's lovely how you used the prompts. And your little boy has the sweetest expression on his face ....

  8. Those ATC girls are so cute. Love all of them - I think the India girl really calls out to me. Your little guy is so cute - hope he's feeling better

  9. poor little sweet boy... he is adorable and I am happy all is well with him... and your girls are fabulous...xx

  10. What a little darling - you are so blessed! Love the girls you painted with the prompts! That's a great idea! Happy PPF :)

  11. I've been gone for a while and you had a baby!!! How wonderful and he is a cutie too!

    Your girls are amazing. Even using prompts, your artwork always is great and your style shines through. Big hugs to you and congratulations on your new little bundle!

  12. This is a terrific set of girls! I just posted four of my own, some for the same AFA swap! These are all so great - my fave is the one with the elaborate jewelry. :D


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