Friday, March 13, 2015

The fox, the bird & the Mushroom and Happy Friday 13th

This Round Robin started with a mushroom from MACE, I added the fox and Kentuckydakota finished with the bird & the background.

To remind you, Round Robins are a set of 3 ATCs (artist trading cards) that 3 different artists work on it and then each gets to keep one finished card.

What is your spirit animal? A lot of people have red foxes for spirit animal but mine is actually a black wolf. You're wondering how I know? Well it's a funny story. 

I did a guided meditation where you meet your spirit animal and wolf came forward. I thought it was a cliché and didn't really buy into it but then a couple of days later I had a weird dream where I was running through some concrete buildings and all of a sudden there was this black wolf standing there. Weirdly enough I asked him if he was my spirit animal and he said yes. Then I said cool and moved on. :)

And I usually don't remember my dreams but I do occasionally realize in my dream that it is a dream and then I ask an obvious question. I wish I would ask more though but I usually think to myself I won't get any real answers since I'm obviously awake in my dream and thus influencing the answers.

Anyway, some time later I had a reading done by someone about my spirit guides and Ana my main spirit guide brought forward my two spirit animals which the reader herself said it was unusual for a spirit guide to do so. And it was a wolf and a stag deer.

Why am I telling you this? :) Well, I see a lot of deer lately through my window and it made me remember about my spirit guides so I thought I'd share with you.
Here's our boy enjoying the sunshine. :) We have our first visit with the pediatrician today. He has a rash on his cheeks and we'll see if it's an allergy or something else.


  1. Wow such an interesting story about your spirit animal! I keep hearing about peoples spirit animals...I think mine might be a deer or a butterfly! Love seeing Tristan hope he's okay and not allergic to anything! Could be a heat rash! Too young for teething. Babies tend to get hot quite easily.

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Nice with the round robin..we did them also for long time and called them
    JAM ATCs...
    I learned so much by doing this!
    Love how your ATC's turned out - lovely!
    I think my spirit animal is a cat-dog-moues-bird--lol!
    Such a nice little boy..
    this is something my daughter had too... we went to the doctor
    it was not allergic.. the doctor told us that this happens often with babies skin - not alarming..
    hope it is the same to Tristan♥

  3. Cute piece today. I took one of those internet quizzes and it said my spirit animal was the wolf. I kind of think that is truwe because it really fits me, my personality and what I love. Have a great weekend.

  4. What an interesting post Natasha. Your fox on the atc cards is lovely and the bird and mushroom go so well with the style of illustration - it could've been done by the same person.
    I love the story of the spirit animal. I have become much more interested in all that stuff since practising reiki and it fascinates me. I think the fact you keep seeing deers is relevant as well as things usually show up and its up to us whether we make the connection or not.

  5. mmm I have no idea which would be my spirit ... not a clue lol
    Your baby is so cute!!

  6. you know, I'm not sure what my spiritual animal is because I love all animals so and have had many come to me. Very interesting to go to someone and find out what shows up. Adorable ATCs and Tristan looks so cute all bundled up. Happy PPF!

  7. Tristan is such a cutie. The Atc's are delightful. My spirit animal is a raven. I also feel a great connection to wolves.


  8. SOOOOOOO sweet!!! Love the little fox painting - so charming!

  9. Beautiful fox. I find the world of spirit animals so interesting. For me, I have a constant one - the tiger, but there are many that visit me with their messages - one year it was the humming bird, another it was the dragon fly.. wonder who will show up this year :)

  10. Love your fox and how the ATC turned out. Baby is the cutest. Hope is rash disappears

  11. Another adorable round robin art card! Cool story about your wolf!


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