Friday, March 20, 2015

Birdie and Ladybug

I don't have a starter scan of this Round Robin set but AlornJR started it with the heart chain, Linda4atc made it into a flower with the ladybug and I finished it with the birdie.

Last week I told you we visited pediatrician with Tristan. It went horrible. From the second we walked in and 30 minutes later when we walked out, he was screaming his little tushie off. I was sweating like crazy because I could not calm him down and I came out all red in the face as if I was running a marathon. The second we stepped out of the doctor's office he was acting like nothing happened.

Hope he doesn't make this a practice. I don't think I can handle his screaming every time we need a doctor. Not to mention I couldn't hear the doctor half the time because of his cries and the other half I wasn't listening to begin with as I was trying to calm him down. So, I can't say the visit was productive.

He slept the whole day that day. I even took him grocery shopping and he slept through the whole thing.

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  1. Awe poor Mommie...they pick up on our angst too, little monkeys. We have all been there. Screaming at awkward times...Just lock eyes with another Mother and you will see her sympathetic gaze!! At least he slept and gave you a bit of relief! That's why they are so darn cute so you can handle what's delivered!! Enjoy! They are precious!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. I love how each of you work together on these cards and they always end up looking like they've been done by the same person -really sweet. Sorry to hear about Tristan - sounds like a horrendous situation - I can only relate it to trying to have a conversation with anyone when my westies are around as they bark incessantly at everyone!!

  3. poor you, and poor little guy. I'm sure he 'll settle down as he becomes more exposed to outings and people and places. Lovely sunflower ATCs!

  4. Oh, wow, poor you and your little boy. Doctor's visits are not fun!! And like that even less so... I'm glad you had a peaceful rest of the day. Love your round robin painting!! xoxo Silke

  5. Doctor's visits can be scary but if it's any consolation I've been there but my son's little tizzy lasted for nine months!
    I had so many sessions just like you discribe.
    I've even walked around outside of restaurants due to his row but it'll get easier trust me.
    He's going to be 23 next month and just the best son ;D
    Happy PPF to you.

  6. So glad to see the little guy again ♥ He looks so cute in the picture. He'll get used to the visits as will you and you'll both be more relaxed with them ♥

  7. When my little darlings would get wound up, I would take them outside and walk them around or rock them in the rocking chair. As soon as the fresh air hit their faces - they calmed right down. It always worked like a charm! Even in the winter, I would just wrap a blanket around them, allowing their face to get a little fresh air. Worked like magic with all 5 of mine :)

  8. Aw, poor baby!! Poor mom too, I hated the doc visits!
    The art cards are so sweet, all spring like ♥


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