Friday, March 27, 2015

Whimsical Build-A-Girl CHALLENGE

I joined an ATC swap where you had to "build" your own whimsical girl from prompts given in three columns. This is what I came up with. :)
A: Non-traditional hair
B: Flowers/Plants/Mushrooms
C: Red+Yellow+Orange

A: Antlers
B: Animals/Birds/Insects
C: Brown+Blue+Cream

A: Wings
B: Heart (anatomical or symbolic)
C: Black+White+Another color

A: Big eyes
B: Elaborate Jewelry
C: Gold+Black+Another color
And here's our boy in the car on our way to the doctor's again. He has diarrhea but the doc says it's all normal. He was an angel this time around even smiling at the doc. :) Can't tell from this picture, tho.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Birdie and Ladybug

I don't have a starter scan of this Round Robin set but AlornJR started it with the heart chain, Linda4atc made it into a flower with the ladybug and I finished it with the birdie.

Last week I told you we visited pediatrician with Tristan. It went horrible. From the second we walked in and 30 minutes later when we walked out, he was screaming his little tushie off. I was sweating like crazy because I could not calm him down and I came out all red in the face as if I was running a marathon. The second we stepped out of the doctor's office he was acting like nothing happened.

Hope he doesn't make this a practice. I don't think I can handle his screaming every time we need a doctor. Not to mention I couldn't hear the doctor half the time because of his cries and the other half I wasn't listening to begin with as I was trying to calm him down. So, I can't say the visit was productive.

He slept the whole day that day. I even took him grocery shopping and he slept through the whole thing.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

The fox, the bird & the Mushroom and Happy Friday 13th

This Round Robin started with a mushroom from MACE, I added the fox and Kentuckydakota finished with the bird & the background.

To remind you, Round Robins are a set of 3 ATCs (artist trading cards) that 3 different artists work on it and then each gets to keep one finished card.

What is your spirit animal? A lot of people have red foxes for spirit animal but mine is actually a black wolf. You're wondering how I know? Well it's a funny story. 

I did a guided meditation where you meet your spirit animal and wolf came forward. I thought it was a cliché and didn't really buy into it but then a couple of days later I had a weird dream where I was running through some concrete buildings and all of a sudden there was this black wolf standing there. Weirdly enough I asked him if he was my spirit animal and he said yes. Then I said cool and moved on. :)

And I usually don't remember my dreams but I do occasionally realize in my dream that it is a dream and then I ask an obvious question. I wish I would ask more though but I usually think to myself I won't get any real answers since I'm obviously awake in my dream and thus influencing the answers.

Anyway, some time later I had a reading done by someone about my spirit guides and Ana my main spirit guide brought forward my two spirit animals which the reader herself said it was unusual for a spirit guide to do so. And it was a wolf and a stag deer.

Why am I telling you this? :) Well, I see a lot of deer lately through my window and it made me remember about my spirit guides so I thought I'd share with you.
Here's our boy enjoying the sunshine. :) We have our first visit with the pediatrician today. He has a rash on his cheeks and we'll see if it's an allergy or something else.

Friday, March 6, 2015

More random PAT cards

The beauty of randomness. :) These cards we made for a PAT which means pick-a-theme swap. There are 8 groups with a different medium assigned to each group and 5 players per group who each choose a theme for other players to make for them. Themes here were two legomen, fish, voodoo doll and creepy girl.

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
Self-study classes: Cotton Candy Girls & Crazy Hair Ladies

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