Friday, December 12, 2014

Round Robin with a 7 year old

This Round Robin started with a 7 year old's drawing of a flower. Isn't it cute? :) Kentuckydakota added the squirrel and I finished with the background.

To remind you, Round Robins are a set of 3 ATCs (artist trading cards) that 3 different artists work on and then each gets to keep one finished card.

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
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  1. Adorable. I love the idea of the 7 year old getting to participate in the round robin.

  2. Super cute - what a great idea.

  3. that is a fabulous way to use a child's drawing... hope you are feeling amazing...xx

  4. Oh so adorable and what a wonderful way to encourage a seven year old!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I love that this swap includes a child-you'll have no shortage of creative activities to do with yours when it comes along!

  6. What a great swap. Love the child's flower, then the squirrel, then your background, what a great way to make an ATC.


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