Friday, October 10, 2014

Cityscape and Giraffe in a Bottle

Another set of ATCs with random themes. Cityscape and giraffe in a bottle. :)

Random pregnancy stuff:
  • this week I started pregnancy workout class, it was more stretching than sweating really
  • everyone is telling me I have a big belly and I'm only 6 months
  • we're slowly buying baby stuff like baby beds and changing tables (we need two of each)
  • my mom is a bit out of control at times and can't go by baby stuff without buying something :)
  • I just realized that my kid will have cousins that are 20 years his senior OMG! I was 17 when my niece was born and 18 when my nephew was born
  • is it normal that the baby moves so much? I mean, it's all the time with occasional down time and it's a bit annoying :)

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  1. Oh Natasha I think the giraffe in a bottle is def. reflecting your pregnancy experience:):) Only a few more months to go...

  2. loving the giraffe in the bottle Natasha. Yep they move about a

    Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. I love love LOVE the giraffe in a bottle it's absolutely hilarious!! I agree with Linda..

    Try to sleep as much as you can...while you can!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Great ATC sketches. The giraffe is a lot of fun. And enjoy this. Pregnancy was good for me, as big as I got and it just kept getting (and still does) better! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the bottled Giraffe, what fun! Valerie

  6. Your cityscape and your giraffe are both great art, Natasha May.

  7. Congrats you're getting closer! I just visited my brother in the hospital last night for their new baby. Am I the only one who thinks the giraffe is a bit sad trapped?

  8. my first thought was: oh, that poor giraffe, all stuck ... ;-) Cute though ..... When I was six months pregnant I looked like some women look who are about to give birth ....

  9. Oh Natasha, please let the giraffe out of the bottle!
    Otherwise both your ATC's are superb drawings/paintings, love the little islands waiting for the giraffe to land.
    Could your next ATC have the giraffe landed safely on the island and out of the bottle?

  10. Great drawings. You are very talented.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. It sounds like this is your first. You questioned whether all babies more so much. The answer is yes and no. It depends on the baby and gender has nothing to do with it. I had two boys. My first baby was always kicking and seemed to be moving furniture around in there. My second baby would hardly ever move... until I went into labour. Then he kicked up some major protestation. Everyone was laughing at the sight of his little fists and feet pounding my belly between every contraction.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Blessings on you and your precious little one,

  11. Oh I remember the jiggling about... it can be a little annoying if excessive but reassuring too. I remember at a party once I had to move away from the music speakers because my baby (daughter) was obviously dancing!
    Sleep and rest now is the best advice and I hope you take it. It can be exhausting but all worthwhile.
    Great designs and fun although I'm not sure about the giraffe... I want him to be free.
    Take care and have a great weekend (with feet up!) ;D

  12. What an incredible drawing !!
    Wishing you the very best ahead :)

  13. congratulations so happy for you..I used to swim and do a bit of yoga when I was pregnant with my sons..the jiggling about made me laugh as I used to put a cup of tea on my belly then he would kick it off...he is a keen footballer the drawing

  14. I have no experience to share on babies so can't help there I'm afraid! I wonder what a psychologist would make of your trapped giraffe? ! It's a great surreal illustration but he makes me feel claustrophobic-poor guy!

  15. so happy for you and your pregnancy!
    my cousins and i are also far apart in age, it works.
    your bottle is done so well, how wonderful, funny to put a giraffe in it. I wonder what you child will think of that, fun questions may be asked. ;-)

  16. ME toooooo! I am SO happy for you! What wonderful news!! AND I love your Giraffe in a bottle - such a cool concept!! ox

  17. Wow, I love the cityscape! Terrific details and perspective. And that giraffe must be for noodlerabbit LOL. What a great set!

  18. So exciting to have babies on the way!! Love the giraffe in a bottle - so creative!! Happy PPF :)

  19. Looooove the giraffe, don't love that it is in the bottle :) Get used to the moving - the child will probably do the same "all the time with occasional down time" and even more when he's born :)

  20. I adore your giraffe in the jar. LOL SO cute. God bless you and your little one. I loved being pregnant. My children are one of the most precious parts of my life--even though now they are grown and have lives of their own. Treasure each moment, my friend. It goes by FAST.

  21. O wow I totally missed the pregnancy thing!! Congratulations! And you are so far along already LOL Hope the last months will be good for you :-)

  22. I am so excited for you and your baby ;o) Your mom is so cute ;o)
    Love your art!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  23. I bet your belly is beautiful ;o)


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