Friday, May 9, 2014

Red Tiger's Eye Pendant with Star Charm

Handmade wire wrapped pendant with natural Red Tiger’s Eye Crystal cabochon and star charm.

Red Tiger’s Eye:

- connects to Root and Sacral chakra (1st & 2nd chakra)
- very powerful, protective and grounding stone
- increases motivation
- helps overcome fatigue and lethargy
- builds confidence and energizes the emotional body
- speeds up metabolism and aids with weight loss
- increases sex drive
- abundance, good luck stone
Random stuff:
  • It's so weird how you think you know a foreign language until you're asked to translate. You understand it in your head but you just can't find the right word. Or any word for that matter.
  • I tried to make a new pendant yesterday and failed three times. I think the wire is too soft. I ran out of the thicker one.
  • I have yoga class twice a week and it's ridiculous how such basic and easy stretching exercises make you feel old. I mean, I used to do this stuff when I was younger and now it feels like my spine is about to collapse.
  • I haven't read a book novel since February. I have read a couple of non-fiction books while on train to and from Prague.
  • I was stopped by this woman in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago to answers some questions for a traveling agency survey and I got a call from them yesterday that I won a free vacation for a week. How awesome is that?! Well, the boarding is free, I'll have to organize and pay for my own transport and food. I'll get more details when I meet up with their traveling agent. I hope it's not a scam. :)
  • I was supposed to get mail from U.S. and the person sending it got it back after 3 weeks saying it was missent to Kenya. How the f*ck do you mistake Slovenia for Kenya? It's not even on the same continent. And why didn't they just send it to me instead of returning it to her?

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  1. Your pendant is lovely - sorry you ran out of wire. YEAH for the win (hope it's not a scam too -- keep us posted) and a big fat BOOOOOO for the post office. Idiots! hugs, Donna

  2. Your pendant is lovely-you're a lady of many talents! Fingers crossed for the holiday win-that would be brilliant. That's a pain about the parcel-I've heard of luggage going to random place but a parcel with an address on it-how do they get that so wrong! !

  3. Lovely pendant. Your work is always so natural and graceful. Your post is thought provoking and I hope the post office provokes you no farther.

  4. Hi Nat,
    At least you are doing your exercises, good girl! I love your pendant and I think depending on the thickness you use in a particular piece will make a difference at least that's what I discovered in making my spider's webs.Hope you have no more issues with the post office: )


  5. Your new pendant is gorgeous! Love the colours! Very magical!
    Please watch out about that free vacation! I know there is scams going on like that here!!
    Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Lovely pendant. Looks like you're more into jewellery than painting lately ;-) Good thing the package wasn't lost, although it still is a pain to have that happen ...


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