Friday, April 25, 2014

Surreals Girafes and Rose Quartz Pendant

I've been making some stuff this week. :) These 4 ATCs are for a Surreal Giraffes swap.

And I made cabochon gemstone wire wrapped pendant. How cute is it?! :)

Available HERE.

Rose Quartz:
  • connects with the Heart Chakra (4th chakra)
  • it’s a stone of love for oneself, everyone and everything
  • healing of the heart emotionally (from heartache, trust issues, anger, fear, stress, trauma, etc)
  • calms and cleanses the entire auric field
  • helps with circulation, heart conditions, female reproductive system, kidneys, adrenals, chest and lungs problems

Linking to Paint Party Friday.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Prague and round robin

Round Robin cards again. :) In short ScribbledMissives started it, Tandy worked on it as second and I finished it.

Now, let me tell you about our Prague trip.
  • We had nice weather, not raining but a bit windy. 
  • We went on a boat sightseeing trip and saw two tourists in a submerged canoe. I first thought they were standing in the water and fishing but then saw the woman taking pictures and the man pulling the canoe to surface.
  • I went to Teal Swan's Synchronization workshop.
  • I drank a young coconut water directly from the coconut.
  • I drank cucumber mojitos.
  • I dropped my camera and broke the lens. Not the glass part but the plastic part that holds it to the camera. Luckily I could still take pictures if I held the lens close to the camera.
  • There are so many street performers and you just have to stop and listen/watch.
  • I'm so naive that I actually believed these two guys were meditating for real until my hubby explained the trick to me. Too late though because I already gave them the money.
  • I went to see the Mucha and Salvador Dali exhibition.
  • There's a Beatles Pub there with Yellow Submarine entry hallway. Beer is really cheep in Czech Republic btw. Not that I drink.
  • I saw an eagle really up close.
  •  Also really funny. They have these Thai massage parlors that you can see inside them from the street and these two ladies had a treatment right in the window. Yes, those are fish eating their dead skin. :)))
  •  Swans.
  • Bar code baby.

  • The ride back took us almost 15 hours with 2 hour stop in Villah. 12-13 hours spent traveling on a crowded train is not a very comfortable thing to do.
  • In other news, I have a sore throat.

Linking to Paint Party Friday.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pendants and ATCs

 Silly ATCs for this week's  Paint Party Friday.

In other news, my hubby and I are celebrating our 15th year anniversary in Prague this weekend. This is a scheduled post so, if you're reading this on Friday, I'm already on the train to Prague. :)

You can buy my pendants on Etsy. These two are wire wrapped pendants with natural apatite rough crystal.

Blue Apatite has a cleansing influence on one’s auric field and is connected to the “Third Eye” or 6th chakra. It’s a stone of inspiration. Helps calm headaches, vertigo and improves eyesight. Emotionally it has a positive influence on one’s mood. Also good for suppressing appetite, raising your metabolic rate and aids with weight loss.

If you’re interested in psychic abilities, this stone helps with psychic perception and with recovering past life memories.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Crystal Pendants & freckled girl

I have an ATC for this week's Paint Party Friday. I just thought she needed freckles. I know some people get annoyed with them but I like freckles. When I get a tan I get some sun freckles on my nose. 

Look what I've been doing!! :) I'm making wire wrapped pendants with some of the rough crystals/gemstones/minerals I have.

I don't know how you call them in English. I searched for crystals on tumblr and I got crystal meth. Not exactly what I've been looking for. Not to mention that I was shocked such blogs even exist. One would think that promoting and posting pictures of people using drugs would be illegal.

Anyway, I digress. :) These two below are made with natural rough Emeralds. Go HERE to buy.

Emerald most purely represents the energy pattern of the activated heart chakra. It supports the heart, blood and circulation. On emotional level it opens the heart to love, forgiveness, compassion and trust.

It is also known as prosperity stone. Wearing it helps one vibrationally attune to abundance. Courage is another aspect in which the Emerald helps a person to go forward despite any threats or obstacles.

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