Friday, February 28, 2014

Tarot journaling

I'm having fun journaling about my tarot cards. I admit it's way easier to just copy/paste in Word document but I'm trying. :) 

I distressed the pages first so it's not so daunting staring at a blank page. The drawing is more of a sketch and I just colored the background and some other stuff but not the person.
Look how pretty the cards are. I just wanted to share this for no other reason. :)

Other random stuff:
  • I started doing yoga. I went to a couple of classes years ago when I was in high school but I wasn't that impressed with it. Last year I had an idea to do it at home watching YouTube videos but I got bored really quickly. So now I'm taking a class and hopefully I'll stick with it.
  • I painted my fingernails purple. That's a lot of effort for someone that doesn't do that at all. I mean this stuff stays on like two days and then you have to do it again. That's a lot o work. So I just caked the nail polish on every other day and I now have 10 days worth of nail polish on my fingernails that is flaking off.
  • I ate a donut and got the marmalade all over myself. My hubby managed to get some inside the sleeve of a jacket and didn't tell me about it so when I put the jacket on, my arms were sticking to the sleeves. Not a fun feeling at all.
  • Yes, I wear my hubby's jackets because they're warmer than mine.
  • I found a new TV show to stalk called True Detective.
  • I had a photo-shoot with my crystals the other day and took pictures of all of them. I will probably share them with you on occasion because they're pretty.
Winners for my Crazy Hair Ladies Class giveaway have been chosen and if you're not one of them you can still join us for only 25$. Workshop starts on Monday, March 3rd, 2014. I'm sending invites to the blog tomorrow.

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  1. Love all the humor in your post...with the jelly donut!! Love the cards too. I think Victoria would make an amazing set of cards as would Denthe....both have that tarot feel to their art! Enjoy the cards! Ten of coins money coming or going depending on where the card sits!

    Hugs Giggles

    Hugs Giggles

  2. interesting; have a nice Friday

    much love...

  3. yoga - you tube or google Sadie Nardini!

  4. I apply nail polish in the same way! LOL.

    Fun journal page so far! The distressed look is awesome :)

  5. Haha..loved the funny random stuff, especially about the nail polish! Nice looking distress work on your journal page. Want to see how it will look when finished. Happy PPF.

  6. Love how you made your journal pages look so aged. That is a beautiful tarot card, and your crystals are gorgeous! I don't do nail polish much anymore unless I'm going out because my fingers are always in paint and glue and it really makes a mess of the nails. Happy PPF!

  7. Great post and am so loving your tarot cards. Happy PPF, Annette x

  8. I like your idea of distressing the pages first to make filling the journal not so daunting. I get scared away by the pristine pages. I need to do yoga too - I keep saying that, but I always remember how sore I am after the first session or two - guess that should reinforce how much I need it :)

  9. I enjoyed your post Natasha and love your fingernails as well as your tarot cards. Also, your distressed pages look great. Jelly donut sounds really good.:) Have a great day and good to see you.

  10. your book looks wonderful
    i think that is a great way to get to know the cards

    sticky is icky!
    yoga is awesome, every teacher is different, different types of yoga too
    if you don't like one try another
    i LOVE yoga, only do it a couple times a week, but it keeps me feeling good! have fun!

  11. Love the distressed effect of your journal page. The stones look very beautiful.

  12. Beautiful..I love your fool the blue colored backdrop to him..very magical seeing it distressed gives that old-world vibe! I love your nail-polish..I am wearing slate blue..I actually like how it begins to chip off and time passing and change...and then it is time to renew again...put a fresh is symbolic..I am silly !
    Beautiful post!
    Ps: love yoga...started in my mid twenties...still at it years is awesome for harmony!

  13. Your pages look great and look like fun to do. And a big wow for the crystals. Beautiful.

  14. Love all of your happy days stuff.Painting nails, scrumpitious sweets, tarot cards , purple crystals and yoga.Sounds like you know how to enjoy your day perfectly.! Love the old aged look on the journal pages. I look forward to seeing how you embellish them.

    Annabelle : )

  15. Oh you have me laughing! The jelly donut stuff in the coat sleeve, I love the fingernail painting, oh and your beautiful new cards and crystals/stones! I never did more than a couple weeks of yoga, I hope you do better than I did...of course I am much older. What a happy post! Have a great weekend!

  16. That journal page looks absolutely awesome ! Love the list you have created.I am a yoga addict !!

  17. The journal page is great - I love your post - made me smile!

  18. Great post. I too wear my husbands coat. "They" just don't make women's clothing as good. Ohhhh True Detective is one I don't miss. Only two episodes left.
    Have a great weekend

  19. I love your stones and crystals ;o) So beautiful ;o) Your tarot journaling is looking excellent! I can't stop laughing about the marmalade! LOL! True Detective is AMAZING!!
    Big hugs and take care ;o)

  20. Your tarot journal looks great-i like the distressed pages. I recently got some Angel cards when I did my reiki stage 2 and have been using them a bit. I do have tarot cards as well but haven't used then for years-i used to live them. I've been learning a bit about crystals recently to use with reiki-seems like we have a lot of interests in common! I got a kyanite wand as it helps with animal communication apparently. I've recorded true detective but haven't started watching it yet. Looking forward to it though as I love both those actors. I hear you with the nail polish-i go through phases when I want coloured nails but after a day it annoys me and I go back to clear Polish. I'm currently loving one I have with an opal Sheen!

  21. The distressed pages are an awesome canvas to start on! I'm the same way, I never start with a blank white panel. I always tint the gesso and add some kind of ground for texture before I begin to paint. Happy PPF!


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