Friday, December 27, 2013

Book 12 and Happy New Year 2014!

I'm sorry I'm late. I just don't know why I'm so spaced out. I forgot it's Friday and that I need to put a post up. I also forgot to do the journal entry for this book so I pulled out an ATC to sort of match the storyline. I'm cheating again. Oh, well.:)

I had fun doing this "art reviews" every month this year even though I fell off the wagon the last couple of months. Thanks Darcy for making this a fun experiment. :)

The twelfth book for The Artful Readers Club is
by Nicole Grotepas

My review:
Retta seemed like every other protagonist in this kind of genre. A teenager in her last year of school who was raised by one parent alone so she had some issues because of her Mom’s death. Of course she found a hot guy to swoon over and fall in love with within a heartbeat. I did like that she openly took a stand against the general beliefs even though it was triggered by her falling in love with an android.

Hemingway was a total hotty at the beginning but then he became a total jerk. I understood why he broke up with Retta and I was feeling it but then after her attack I thought he came to his senses and they’d go back together. That’s what Retta thought, too, but he was kissing her one second and then the next telling her that being with an android was easier for him. I so wished right then Retta would slap him.

I was a little confused about the running away thing and I had an issue with the weird marriage ceremony because it kind of felt like the author had to take the safe road with the whole “waiting until marriage” thing. But all in all it was a uniquely written story and I enjoyed reading it even though the “revolution” was over pretty quickly and everyone was happy.

Some random news:
  • I am officially a Reiki Master and Teacher
  • I'm going to London in January :) for 4 days only
  • I have a new crystal - Fluorite octahedron 
  • I ordered some more crystals from UK
Have a FABULOUS New Year 2014!!!

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  1. Love your ATC! Have a fun time in London, you lucky girl, and wish you all the best for 2014. Valerie

  2. I love the 2014 Bird. . . good choice. London, I didn't see that, omgosh have fun fun fun for ME! Blessings, Janet PPF

  3. Love the bird!!! Have Grand time in London :) Friday has kind of sneaked up on a lot of people this week....just too much going on :)

  4. Love the look of your blog Natashamay and your bird is wonderful. Happy new year to you to :)

  5. The little birdie ATC is adorable! Love the colours and style. Enjoy your time in London!

  6. Have fun in London - I was born there but now live in Baltimore USA. Your bird is so cute. Happy PPF

  7. Great bird, Natasha May. Happy New Year!

  8. Now I have to go check out this book! Love the idea of sharing your review!

  9. I always enjoy your reviews because they are so honest and forthcoming. When you are confused about a storyline, you admit it, when you think a guy is a jerk, you don't pull any punches. I like that because it's seems so YOU.

    I loved the bird. I wish I could draw 1/100th as good as you. Your art always brings a smile to my face.

    Happy New Year and have fun in London, new Reiki Master!

  10. London! Hooray!! Sooo jealous!!!

    Um, I mean, yeah... the review. Now I'm wondering about the weird marriage ceremony. I'm always a bit wild-eyed when this happens in stories. But to each his own, right?

    Love that you've cheated, too. I haven't cheated in the art (mostly because I don't have anything stashed away lol) but I've changed the books I was to review about a gazillion times. Some were just too infuriating to review.

    Anyhoo, love your "Forever" bird. Have a blast in London! And congrats on your latest accomplishment. ;-)

  11. Yeh, you are a Reiki Master! Congrats! So happy for you! Have fun in London ;o) I love Fluorite! Enjoy your crystals ;o) Love your aceo ;o) Thanks for the review and here's to a Great 2014!!!

  12. Congratulations on the Reiki Master. I enjoyed your interesting review, though there is no danger that I would read the book, but it's always interesting to see what other people read and how they feel about it. The painting is great, lovely bird and its background. Unfortunately I missed reviewing the last two or three books for ARC, life just got in the way far too much, so it's extra good to return to read the reviews.

  13. I love your ATC! Happy New Year! Enjoy London!

  14. Lovely ATC! :-)
    Happy New Year to you!

  15. Beautiful!
    Happy New Year to you too :)

  16. Happy new year! Great work!

  17. I love your ATC....gorgeous...I could see that as a large beautiful!! My daughter went to london for four days two years ago to a trade show...she also went on 2008 for a week both times in January....she still talks about it she loved it so much!! Enjoy!! Don't forget your plug converter!

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Love that backgound in your painting! Hope you'll sail smoothly into 2014 and find lots of creative joy there ♥


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