Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. New ATCs for the holidays.

I've been watching Who do you think you are? where celebrities are researching their ancestors. Some of them are quite fascinating and it inspired me to try and research my own as well.

Luckily my mom's cousin has done some research himself so I'll try to get information from him. That would be my mother's father's side. On my mother's mother's side I will try to get some information today when I go to visit grandma.

But I don't think I'll be able to get much from my father's side since he was born in another country and I'd have to go there to find the archive. My father's parents already died and my dad doesn't even remember his grandfather's name let alone anything else. Which is kind of disappointing.

Do you know your lineage?

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  1. Lovely halloween ATCs. Valerie

  2. Love your Halloween day of the dead lady! Super cute as always.

  3. Love your calavera girl! She's cute and awesome!

  4. Charming halloween art. I know quite a bit about my ancestry. Good luck finding out more about yours!

  5. Halloween art is so much fun (as long as it's not too gory!) Yours are very cute and only a bit scary.

  6. fantastic ATCS - I really LOVE the first one!

  7. Live the ATC's ..... I am fortunate to have a couple of cousins that did a ton of research on our family an they traced my Grandmothers family back to Scotland all the way to the year 400. They compiled all of the info and printed off thick binders for the rest of us, It's so cool to read through and some of the names are so unique.

  8. Love your new ATC's!
    That Wanda Sykes clip is hilarious!!

  9. Ils sont pleins d'humour! et merci pour votre e-book l'entreprise très intéressant!

  10. I love your Halloween Atc's! They rock!! I was laughing my head off with the "pee" on Ellen! LOL! Have a great one my friend ;o)

  11. These ATCs are wonderful. They would make a great short story. Blessings, Janet PPF

  12. Such an entertaining post my dear!! Love your atcs and the video was hilarious...omg I laughed out loud!! I have always wanted to watch that show I hope to catch the reruns...and yes I have wanted to investigate my heritage...but also my father was born in another country as were my grandparents!! Good luck on your search! Thanks for this great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Oh I love the ATC's. Video was great.

  14. Happy Hallowin, we dont have that here in Iceland. Nice Atc you have made :)

  15. Adore your ATC's! You are so talented. I spent last year researching my family tree. Very exciting stuff for me. Have fun - it really is a most interesting past time. xodonna

  16. I don't know much about my ancestors either.
    Your scull-girl is awesome!
    And the clip with Ellen and Wanda Sykes made me LOL! Thank you for sharing :D
    Have a wonderful week

  17. Aaah, love that Mark Twain quote!!!!


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