Friday, October 11, 2013

Round Robin style ATCs

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  • Round Robin is a game / challenge in this case involving 3 people in which the first person starts the set of 3 ATC cards with drawing or painting something (a background or an object / subject). Then the cards are sent to the second person which contributes to the project with their own art and then the third person finishes them. Why 3 ATCs? So all three artists get a card to keep.
  • In this case the set was started by Marilou with an apple. I added the wicked step-mother and Teresa finished the cards with the mirror and background. How freaking fun is that?! :)
  • the blond guy I drew last week is an actor Ron Perlman who plays Clay Morrow in Sons of Anarchy. Don't worry. I've never heard of this show before either until I was asked to draw one of the characters from it.
  • I'm done filming part 3 of the new workshop. :) Yay for me! I should probably start advertising soon.
  • Have I told you that new additions to our family are 8 hens? No? Well, yes they are. My mother decided she wants to have hens for the eggs so we had to build a hen-house. The fun part is that mom's dog Kato loves hens but not in a friendly way. We now need to put up a fence so he can't get to them while they're roaming around the yard.
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  1. that is a brilliant idea and would love to take part in one of these ventures in the future. Loving the fab process, Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. This is great, love your version with the wicked stepmother! Valerie

  3. This is such a cool idea - i love what you added!! X

  4. sounds like great fun. . . i did a traveling giant postcard a few years back. yep, love the stepmom too!

  5. I love the round robin ATCs - what a good idea and how funny that you all seen to have a such a similar drawing/illustrating style that works so well as a whole piece.
    Congrats on the hens! I'd love to get some ex-battery hens and we have talked about it but would need to build a run and hen house first! I'm not bothered if they lay eggs or not although I'm sure Steve will hope they do!

  6. The round robin project looks like a lot of fun. I do this with my kids..sorta..just drawing back and forth. So fun! Good luck keeping your dog away from the chickens.

  7. Oh how fun, love this!! HPPF!

  8. The cards are wonderful, I love round robins they are so much fun!!!

  9. what a brilliant progression of the card-love it!! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you in keeping the dog from the hens but to have such fresh eggs-wish we could have hens but no can do in the city.Happy PPF!

  10. Your atc turned out fabulous...a great collaboration!! So funny about the hens....needing a new fence for them...what a great life everything is always a lot more work to maintain than expected!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. What a cool idea! The end result is awesome! Super collaboration :)

  12. These cards turned out great!
    I've always wanted to have hens...different varieties to have different colored eggs. I'd be curious to hear what color yours turn out to be :)

  13. Excellent!! I did this with 4 x 6 paintings. Never heard of doing this challenge with aceo's! I love it! My brother and mom watch Sons Of Anarchy! Hens??? Have fun!!!
    I'm back and my computer problems are fixed! Yepee!
    Take Care ;o)

  14. Great cards, nice team work! Owning hens sounds so appealing, good luck with them! :)

  15. Your cards look great. How fun. Good luck with the hens.


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