Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to put a fancy Signature to your blog post

This post is a part of a series of some tips and trick I picked up along the way. They are not something I figured out. You can search for any of them on the internet but what happens often is that tutorials disappear. And as it happened not long ago the blogger HTML changed as well so the previous tutorials don’t make sense.

So, how to put a fancy signature to your blog post? Follow the points bellow.
  • Go to your Blogger Settings > Posts and Comments
  • Click Add next to Post Template and insert the code
    click on image to make it bigger
Which code to insert? Your imagination is the limit here. I will show you three possibilities.

1. Use a website like to create your custom signature. The service is free for simple signatures, if you want an animated one or use a scanned image then you have to pay. Follow their steps to get the code.
2. Use an Image map but make sure you have the correct height and width for your blog body. Refer to Image map part from the Header tutorial to get the code. And make sure you save the image in .png format without the background so it will blend nicely with your blog template.
3. Use an image you either made with software, scanned image of something hand-drawn or handwritten or whatever you wish.
  • The easiest way to get the right code is to open a new blog post and upload the desired image. You can even insert a link, if you want. Click the HTML tab, copy the code and paste it to Post Template.
click image to make it bigger
  • Make sure you Save Settings.


  1. That is really helpful thanks (got a friend to do mine lol) :D XXX

  2. Thanks for the tip. It's a great help! I'm going to have to try this!

  3. I have always wanted to know how to do this! Thanks for always kindly sharing your knowledge! oxxo

  4. I have always wanted to know how to do this! Thanks for always kindly sharing your knowledge! oxxo

  5. I was just about to google how to do this! Great post thanks for the tut x

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  7. That's really helpful for me. I created a stylish signature using this tool and then followed these steps to add it on my blog. I must say that you have mentioned all the steps to this process.
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