Friday, August 30, 2013

Book 8 and a Wolf

The eighth book for The Artful Readers Club is
by Elaine Pierson

My review:
I was intrigued by this story at the beginning because Lacey was portrayed as a victim of her powers and she took control of her own life when things at home went sour. However when Lacey met Jesse, I didn’t like how manipulative she was and how she acted with Scotty to make Jesse jealous. And when the two friends started fighting because of it she didn’t even feel responsible let alone remorseful. Not that Jesse is any good either when he decides that a girl he met a day ago is more important than his friendship with his pack. I understand this was to illustrate their attraction and insta love but it made them look childish and selfish. 

And why in hell did she so easily tell Cole about her powers when she tried so hard to keep them hidden from her doctors who tortured her? She didn’t even tell Jesse and here she is spilling it all to her enemy. Also I didn’t understand the need for Cole and Lacey to be together. It was a poor attempt to make a bad guy look like he has feelings even though he’s supposed to be the villain in this story so the reader really shouldn’t be sympathizing with him. 

And it made Lacey look slutty. She didn’t even feel any attraction to him, there was no conflict in her mind and the only explanation we got is that Cole looked like Jesse being his identical twin. Obviously she just forgot about the fact that he kidnapped her, drugged her, locked her in a room, chained her and was trying to use her for her powers.

"For some, it's happiness and for others, it's acceptance. Whatever it is for you, don't stop until you find it." ~ Elaine Pierson, Growl

"She learned early on that she was different and people didn't like different." ~ Elaine Pierson, Growl

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  1. uh oh you don't sound impressed with this at all lol but thats ok, every book we read gives us something, and you managed to pull a great piece of art out of it. I totally love silhouettes, always so striking, love the wolf.

  2. It's rather disappointing when you start reading something, only to find it falls short of expectation. However, the wolf was out of this world. You draw incredibly well (I think I've said that many times before), and love how you interpret these books.

  3. Lol... my powers are telling me you certainly didn't "find it" in this book :D Lovin the wolf though :D XXX

  4. Love your wolf. Sorry your book wasn't what you expected. A xx

  5. Gorgeous wolf, shame about the book. So disappointing when we read a 'dud'. Well done for finishing.

    Janet xx

  6. Love the art...wouldn't read the book from your review. Obviously, you had some problems with it. Hope you enjoy your next book more!! :)

  7. Love the artwork! Atleast something good came out of it cuz it doesnt sound like u enjoyed the book lol :)

  8. Love the wolf. I was impressed that I can see chin whiskers and hairs. Wow!

  9. I love your gorgeous portrayal of the wolf here = so dramatic! You are very talented indeed. The book does sound a bit unsatisfying from your description of it. Never mind maybe the next read will be a riveting one! Julie Ann xx

  10. So, I won't be adding this book to my list of Summer reads next year....haha! I can't get enough of your wolf, though :)

  11. Love your wolf picture, but don't like the sound of that book! Valerie

  12. Your wolf rocks!! I guess I will be forgetting about the book! LOL!

  13. Pity about the book being a disappointment to you but I love your woluff! The way you have done the moon is just gorgeous

  14. WOW! I absolutely love your wolf!!!! Your page is so cool and unique! I am sorry you didn't really like the book, but you made an amazing work of art with it! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  15. WOW! I absolutely love your wolf!!!! Your page is so cool and unique! I am sorry you didn't really like the book, but you made an amazing work of art with it! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  16. wolves and art, a wonderful mix!

  17. Love that moon and wolf. Sorry the book was not as good as you hoped.
    Jen x


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