Monday, June 10, 2013

Crystals and Happiness

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. 
~ Dalai Lama

Do you want to see my crystals? Well, I'm showing them to you either way. :)
they're sunbathing
As it happens I had a good reason to go into the City on Saturday so I took advantage of it and went to a crystal shop and got myself some more crystals. That amethyst cluster on the left is my baby. :)

The thing with crystals is that they are 2-3 € a piece which you'd think is not a lot but then you get 16 pieces and it's suddenly not that cheap anymore.

And there are still some missing because apparently we're out of citrine clusters here but I managed to find a citrine point over the internet. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow. I ordered black tourmaline as well as I can't find them anywhere else either.

Shopping over the internet can be risky but I found out I actually got some beautiful specimens. I compared some of which I already had to the ones in the shop on Saturday and my citrine, smokey quartz and rose quarts were better color but amethyst was better in the shop so I got two more because I just love that crystal. :)

Do you know how they say that the crystal picks you? And you're supposed to hold the ones you're attracted to and see if you can feel anything from them. Well, I picked up six green aventurines in my hand and my hand started buzzing. Not with sound but that tingling feeling you get. I was so excited to experience that. :)

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  1. If they make you happy, then I guess it's good! Valerie

  2. They are so beautiful NatashaMay! I had to leave my collection when I came to Mexico and really regret it. They are hard to come by here and I'm like you with the internet - one never knows. I too have felt vibrations and especially heat when I pick up the ones I am attracted to. Love your amethyst cluster! hugs, Donna

  3. I was told my crystal that I kept on top of my old computer screen (old style big box monitor) would clear up if I kept it there. I actually saw a bit of clearing while it was there. It was pretty amazing. That's an impressive story and I'm going to have to hold a few of my crystals, now!!

  4. I love learning something new. Thank you for sharing your crystals. I need to learn more about them. Love that they are sunbathing.

  5. I love crystals too, indeed I have many of them around the house and I love amethyst too

  6. I've never really tried out crystals myself - I should really try them out. Lovely artwork btw.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. My friend, as you know already, I love crystals and stones! I have MANY!!! They are all around me and I meditate with them too! For me, I couldn't buy them off the internet, I have to touch them and see them. Just me ;o) I am going to the rock hound gemboree in August! Can't wait!! I go every year! I love black tourmaline! There are certain stones I do stay away from, like Malachite! Even though I love the color. It is called the mirror of the soul. They say if you are feeling negative, don't wear it or hold it! It will always reflect what you feel. Take care and enjoy your gems ;o)

  8. Which reminds me crystals could use a good sun bath :) Think I'll take them out by the fish pond today. I'd be lost with out my crystals around me. Love todays art♥

  9. Dear Natasha, your chrystals are beautiful! I am a chrystal fan too and I am always full of joy when I see such. Your Amethyst ist perfect. I love them too :) I am Fishes and Fishes and amethysts are a well couple. I think I will share my Crystal also, in a few days.
    And now the Dalai Lama. Hmmm, so lovely. I am a fan too. I am a Little bit sorry ,to say always "me too" but what can I do, it is so. Wonderful painting and words!
    Hugs and love to you

  10. Thank you for sharing your crystals with us they are quite beautiful and they seem to make you very happy and that's what matters. :)

  11. your crystals are wonderful
    i love that you experienced their energy

    fab. book art!

  12. So cool!! Your Dalai, the quote, and the crystals... I like them all!
    One time long ago, we went to the mountains and I found the awesomest quarts ever. I still have it 20 years later :oD

  13. I love my crystals. My amethyst cluster is precious to me. Feeling the crystal energy is incredible.

    Your painting of the Dalai Lama is fabulous.

  14. Love your drawing here!

    And I love your amethyst cluster!


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