Monday, April 22, 2013

Third Eye

Only two more chakras to go at ChakrART FREE online Workshop which is hosted by the lovely Simona from Timeless Rituals. Well, one actually if I count today's as the second one.

I'm going to focus on one aspect of this chakra and that is dreams. I lately don't remember my dreams. Lately meaning for about 1-2 years. I can't remember when I stopped remembering dreams. I fall asleep in what feels like a second and wake up just like that. 

And I usually at least remembered that I dreamt about something but forgot before I even got out of bed. But now, nothing. It's like I wake up from the dead.

Sidetrack: isn't past tense of dream dreamt? My check spelling underlined it as wrong and gave me dream as an option and not dreamed as it's used in American English. Dreamt is used by British apparently. I had to google it. Conclusion: my check spelling is stupid.

Where was I going with this?

Ok, so. I do remember dreaming when I was younger. And they weren't necessary nightmares but just dreams that made me uncomfortable or powerless.

Dream nb. 1: Being chased by something that might've been a monster but I never dared to look back to check. But I always flew away like a Superwoman in the end and got away.

Interpretation: Usually means you're running away from your problems, obligations or just being stressed / pressured about something. Instead of confronting the situation, your dream indicates that you have a tendency to run away and avoid the issue.

Dream nb. 2: Going to or from school and realizing that I'm butt naked.

Interpretation:  It means that you have ignored a problem for too long and now your unconscious is giving you a big hint to get with the program. But specifically when school is involved it represents an unconscious fear of not living up to ones standards and goals.

Dream nb. 3: Not being able to open my eyes. You know like when it's so sunny outside that you literally can't keep your eyes open but in my dream I can't seem to open them at all like they're glued or something.

Interpretation: It means that you refuse to see the truth about something. It could also mean that you're having a lucid dream and are experiencing a sleep paralysis. Which I can't really understand why it would be a reoccurring dream.

Thanks for checking out my blog post today. Come back on Friday! :) Have a fabulous week.


  1. Natasha! You artworks are amazing as always!! :)
    It looks like we have/had the same dreams. My nightmares usually involve me swimming and a shark chasing me, or being chased in a big house without being able to find the exit door. And the naked butt is a classic. Ehehehe!! :))
    I'm a bit behind with my own workshop...!!! I'll complete my pieces this week. :)

  2. Lovely chakra painting. Enjoy your dreams, mine have been mostly wild and scary of late! Valerie

  3. I do love the chakra painting as well. Very beautiful. I have not remembered a dream since I moved to San Miguel which is three years ago! Is it the thin air at 7,000 ft.? Who knows. Very strange though because I used to have such vivid detailed dreams I kept a dream book. Personally, I'm baffled. I actually miss them. Do you miss your dreams? hugs, Donna

  4. Dreams fascinate me - they really do. I often have the most bizarre (and vivid dreams). I am torn as to whether I want to know what they mean or whether I'm better off not knowing.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  5. great chakra painting! I mostly dream from painting or making!
    I enjoy this dreams..sometimes I really do something I made I saw in my dreams....

  6. I can't remember any dreams of late either. It must be at least a year. I wonder what has changed, and what I am dreaming about now that I am trying to protect my awake self from?

    Time to go digging maybe.

  7. Hi fellow Natasha! I saw your link on A Catlike Curiosity and new I had to stop by!


  8. I really like this Natasha. I have read about chakras, etc but was never able to really grasp it before.


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