Monday, April 29, 2013

The crown and randomness

The final, crown chakra is done for the ChakrART FREE online Workshop.

I had so much fun with this class and I'd like to thank Simona from Timeless Rituals for putting it together and all the participants who shared their art. It was truly inspirational and educational. :)

Let's do random stuff today:
  • I'm doing Wednesday's posts throughout month of May called Freaky Wednesday. I've been known to post in the middle of the week before but lately I've only been posting on Mondays and Fridays. But in May I'm doing somewhat different posts just because I have stuff to share with you. :)
  • I know you've heard me say it before but I'm finally getting my new tattoo done on Thursday. I had to wait for the appointment for almost a month. I'm getting a geometrical shape and it's said it's harder to do, so I had to search for a tattoo artist that had done it before.
  • I also talked previously about how I suddenly got an allergy to something in the middle of February a couple of years ago and it manifested as itching eyes. And last year I thought I got over it because nothing happened the entire year. But four days ago I had the worst allergy attack ever. It literally felt like I had sand under my eyelids when I closed my eyes. Luckily I had leftover pills that took care of it. But I wanted to share with you what I found out. It was the lunar eclipse and also some solar activity (winds and flares) that have interrupted sleep patterns, felt much like allergy symptoms, anxiety, etc. So, if you suddenly felt those symptoms, now you know why. :)
  • And I want to update you on my 30 days challenges. You thought I quit, didn't you? No, I didn't. It's just not art related so I'm not sharing it on my blog. The two challenges I'm doing currently are learning about mythology every day and filming my everyday life like walking my pets and laughing at my hubby while he's doing push-ups. :)
I took inspiration for this journal page from Tam - Willowing. I would link directly but can't find the actual painting since it was only shown briefly in one of her videos.



  1. I liked this journaling page and I haven't done the workshop although I did plan to. But thankfully there is still time. Dxx

  2. Love your lady crowned with wisdom! A tattoo....? Yikes, the thought scares me! Valerie

  3. I love your woman with the crown - although crowns are very close to my heart - which as you know is one of my favorite things as well. You've been busy - mythology fascinates me too. I did do some study on Greek mythology when I lived in Europe - that seems to have faded into the ethers somewhere. Can't wait for your Wednesday posts - I know they will be fascinating. hugs, Donna

  4. I love your beautiful crown chakra lady. So lovely.

  5. Beautiful, uplifting artwork. I am often plagued by irritable noses and eyes (I have a lot of sinus related problems) and the moon thing intrigues me.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  6. hello, your crown piece is sweet. fun that you used a crown for the crown chakra. sounds like a wonderful class.

  7. Well done, completing Simona's workshop! I found it very interesting about the lunar eclipse reacting to you like allergies? Learn something new everyday! Can't wait to see the tattoo! Take Care ;o)

  8. It does have a Tam feeling to it...with a NatashaMay face :)
    Very pretty!

    Can't wait to see your tattoo!

  9. You channeled the Tam video well, it looks great. How fantastic you have finished the chakra course. I have started on the first one now! How interesting about your allergy link!


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