Monday, April 8, 2013

Anahata Chakra

Today's post is all about my fourth (Heart) Chakra that we're covering at ChakrART FREE online Workshop which is hosted by the lovely Simona from Timeless Rituals.

I always thought I had this Chakra covered. I thought my heart was really strong in a physical and emotional way. As I started investigating more the spiritual side of myself, I was convinced since I believed some things to be true and not having any physical manifestations in a form of illnesses in this area, that this is the Chakra that I don't need to worry about. Man, was I wrong!

I've done this Angels in my Studio workshop last year and Sheri who was the teacher and Michael who provided the meditations offered on occasions spiritual healing sessions. And it shocked me when Michael said that I have Heart Chakra problems.

He said: "Heart issues here, Natasa.... your heart chakra is split and is not really energetically communicating from the left to the right side.... Have you felt, perhaps, that you energy is "split", or that you have (even in the past" had to be of "two minds"? Your heart in one place, and your body in another?"

He continued to say: There's also something coming up about the relationship your heart and your solar plexus have... Your energy pathways between these 2 energy centers are telling me "But I don't want to have to work". Is there some resistance (past or present) to your relationship with work---even work you really enjoy? Do you have that in your life? Is "earning a living" a struggle for you? It's important for you to have the realization that work that you love doesn't have to drain you or compromise you... AND you can pay the bills with that sort of work....

And he was spot on. I was really shocked he was picking up these specific issues that I was having at that time. And to be truthful, I always had an issue doing something I was told I have to do. Even a simple chore like vacuuming.

I remember in my childhood how many times I was about to do the chore but then my Mom would come home and start yelling at me why I haven't done the chore and to go do it right now. And my reaction was always to argue. It didn't matter that I was about to do it a second before Mom came home but since she told me I have to do it right now, this resistance built up in me that made me rebel against it. Just because she told me to do it was a reason enough for me not to do it.

And to this day I feel resistance toward doing something that I'm told I HAVE to even though it might be something that I enjoy doing otherwise.


  1. Oh! I have the same issues with being told what to do. I get my 'heels in' and that's it. I have a theory though. People who are enlightened to whatever degree will never 'tell' you what to do. They may suggest or guide, but never dictate, so this never causes resistance on my part. As far as I'm concerned, people don't have any right to tell me what to do. I'm perfectly capable of figuring it out for myself, and if I can't I will go for the appropriate help until I am able to. Beging told what to do at our age, in my opinion only, is mostly about judging and 'shoulding'. People judge because that's what they think it i is absolutely right and therefore tell me I 'should' be doing it. I have deleted the word should from my vocabulary and seek out people who feel the same way. That's my theory anyway. I no longer pay attention and just do what I think is right - what feels right in my gut (solar plexus) and heart. Make any sense? Good luck in figuring it all out. I was enrolled in this course and never began!!! hugs, Donna

  2. Same for me, Natasha. It looks like we all prefer doing something else like.... drawing? Ehehehe!!
    The heart Chakra is the one we all believe stronger, but it often isn't, and this affects other chakras. Michael did a very deep reading.
    Those green eyes tell me about your love for nature and animals. :))

  3. This girl does look mysterious Natasha.Love her profile. Congrats on your new shop at Society6.

  4. I do love your piece. Sound like an interesting class. Have a great week and to me your heart is an open heart, always caring and giving. Take care.

  5. The color is so gripping...and her face alluring....
    To know the deeper connection to this area makes it even more interesting :)

  6. This is really interesting! It's amazing when we really look inside, what we find out! Your painting is striking! The eyes look right through you!

  7. Dig deep... that is where you find the good stuff! ~xx
    Such a lovely painting, beautiful work! :]

  8. Oh my gosh. I would have thought that my heart chakra was my strongest as well, but to hear what you described could describe me. This is so interesting. I love this kind of juciness. I really thought about doing the angels course but decided against it, maybe I shouldn't have. Ugh, to late now anyway!

    Interesting insights. Thank you for sharing, and I love the art you created.

  9. love your post and the beautiful painting, Natasha! Do what feels right, that's my motto :)


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