Monday, March 11, 2013


ChakrART FREE online Workshop that is hosted by the lovely Simona from Timeless Rituals has started last week.

I made and art journal and I included red for the root chakra. Release was one of the words that came to me at the last exercise with the red circle. Go and see the workshop to find out what I'm talking about. :) Below is the video.

Artsyville Tuesday's list for this week is favorite childhood games. Do you know how difficult it is to translate these games into English? :) I mean, I don't even know if that is their real name in my own language let alone in any other.
  • Jumping rope - but just plain jumping, no exciting tricks from me
  • Dodge ball - or something to that effect, we had two different games, to translate it loosely we called it Between two fires and Flies
  • Hopscotch - we just made up the number and shape of the squares, there was no universal rule about how many numbers or if you could skip in between
  • card games - unfortunately I have no idea how you call them in English but we had many like UNO, Črni Peter (Black Peter), Schnapsen and many more adult type of card games that my Dad taught me
  • board games - Man, don't get angry was my favorite, I totally despised Monopoly, even to this day you cannot make me play it
  • Tic-tac-toe - need I say more
  • Hangman - we've done this in school a lot in recess
  • clapping games - there were so many and we very likely played them wrong or just made them up as we went along
  • Rubber twist or Chinese jump rope - I think that's how it's translated, we called it gummi twist
  • Rollerskating - does that count?
  • Cat's cradle - or some version of it, I found this on internet because I don't even know how we called it in my language :)))
  • Connect 4 - or translated 4 in a row
  • Marbles - I used to collect them
  • Tapping or flipping trading cards - we had trading cards that you put face down on the ground and your opponent would tap them with a hand trying to flip them over as many as they could with one tap. The ones that flipped were theirs to keep.
I think those are my favorite. I have several more but I don't feel like googling for translation. :)

Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop started on March 1st but registration will be opened until April so you still have time to join us. Go HERE to find out more about it. It's exactly the same as the first time around and it's only $25.



  1. ooooh new header and stuff!!!!! Love it!

  2. Let me tell you that I LOOOOOVE your new layout!! :)
    Your journal page is so you! Amazing work.
    And I especially appreciate the "making of". I wish I had the time to learn how to make videos. :))

  3. Wonderful! Love how you wrote the word in between the drips ....

  4. Thank you for sharing your work. It is amazing to see this. ♥
    Sending hugs

  5. Love watching your videos! And fun list of childhood favorites. I had totally forgotten about Chinese jump rope. Gummi twist is a perfect name for it.

  6. Oh, I like your list - lots of outside games you have hear. I forgot all about chinese jumprope. That was so much fun. We barely knew what we were doing LOL> Also jumprope and doubledutch. And the cat's cradle too! wow, I forgot that too:) what nice reminders! Like your list:) Fran Txo

  7. Hi Natasha May, Loved your list and your blog is so lively and fun!


  8. Hi Natasha May! Great list, and oh, do I love your journal page.

  9. Hi Natasha May! I just joined the ChakrART (yes a little late) and found you there...and followed your link. I love the red Release! And what a great job you did on the games. Reminded me of the fun being a playful kid...


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