Monday, March 25, 2013

Photoshopping and randomness

This pink haired lady reminds me a little of Wilma Flintstone. :) So, I'm still learning and playing with Photoshop. The below one I cheated and traced it around a photograph. It's a great way to get a pose you like but you do need to slim it down a bit or it looks disproportional. Go figure! This is the photo I used for a base but I don't like the face at all. The armchair is a clip art or whatever it's called. The point being I didn't do it.

Random thoughts:
  • I am so freaking excited and grateful that I reached the same number of students at my Cotton Candy Girls 2 workshop as the first time around. I didn't think it would happen so the feeling is that much sweeter. :) THANK YOU! Registration is open until April, so you still have a week to join us but we're almost at the end of class. The classroom is opened until end of June.
  • I'm also excited to go see the movie Host. I read the book and I loved it so I hope the movie is good. I'm one of those people that didn't like the Twilight saga movies but I did like the first and the last book.
  • I have broken my gluten-free diet by accident. My hubby brought fried cheese home and when I smelled it I thought, I can break the non-dairy rule just for today and I started eating. Only half way through a thought occurred to me that the bread crumbs have gluten. Well f*ck! That'll tech me.
  • I had to take my big pooch to the vet to check out her paw because she licked it raw and whatever I did it didn't seem to make it better. So, she has a bandage on it now but it's a torture to keep it dry in the snowy weather we're having again. Plastic bags get torn straight away so I resolved to taping it. :)
  • If all stars align right, I'm going to check out a tattoo convention this weekend. I still didn't get my birthday tattoo done so I'm hoping I'll get an appointment there.
  • Do you have any favorite YouTube channels you're following? I like Ophelia Dagger, Booksandquills, Vsauce, VlogBrothers, danisnotonfire, Hayley G. Hoover, Sex+ with Laci Green, Kassie King and many more. :) Just thought I'd share that with you.
Have a great Monday! And the days following it. Let's not discriminate. :)


  1. Congrats on your Cotton Candy Girl workshop! Proud of you! Fried cheese? I think I would have broke my diet too ;o) I hope your puppy is alright. Tattoo convention? This will be fun and interesting! Your first girl does look like Wilma! I loved the Flintstones! Actually, I still do ;o) LOL! Have a great week ;o)

  2. A work shop is sometimes just the thing we need to get our creative flow on the move. Love your working out with real photos :)

  3. obńćudujem tvoje ustvarjanje!

  4. You're getting really good in this digital stuff! Good for you that your workshop is a success! Congratulations!

  5. So happy your class has been great for you. Love Wilma also! I'm coming to visit you with my computer - I need to learn photoshop. Are you doing it on your own? Actually I only have elements. Hope the babies paw is healing. Always love your 'lists'. hugs Donna

  6. Natasha, You can add one more student to your class. At last I have joined!!

  7. Hey, just started reading your blog from the art blog hop. I like your work so far! :)

  8. It must be a good feeling knowing how successful your class is! Yay for you. :)

    I am loving what you do digitally. I am gluten free as well but I miss proper freshly made bread. I was a bread whore before, I have to remind myself now and again why I am gluten free, so I savour it and wait for the pain.

    I hope your pooch is better. And I used to love the Flintstones.

  9. I'm so happy for you regarding your class! Must feel good to turn your Dream into a reality and have eager people wiating for your instruction :) So cool!

    Hope you get that tattoo....would love to see it :)


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