Monday, March 18, 2013

Learning hair and the end of Google Reader

She's the same girl only with a different hairdo. Hair is not as easy to draw as it seems. Well, yeah sure. I can do black hair because it looks good even without the highlights. :) Let's just say that it's not easy to draw a relatively non-squiggly line with a mouse. YouTube tutorials makes it look so easy but don't be fooled.
I made her body using a pen tool which gives straighter lines but you can't do hair highlights with a pen. Why is that Photoshop people? There should be some built in sensory for shaky hands or something like with a camera. :))

So, have have you heard about Google Reader being removed on July 1st? It's such a shame, I really loved checking out blogs that way. I know that's their way of forcing Google + but I'm not going there. I mean, I'm already there but I'm not hanging out like I do on FB. I just want to read resent blog posts of people I'm stalking.

So I moved everything to Bloglovin' which is a good substitute. But I don't like the way they post only one picture and a few words instead of the whole blog post. You then need to check each post to see everything which is a little time consuming so you just end up skipping a whole bunch of things and might miss something important.

I guess blog post titles will have to be more persuasive from now on to trick you into checking out the post. :)

Oh yeah, if you're following me with Google Friend Connect you might want to switch to Bloglovin' or something else as I'm sure that will discontinue as well.


  1. I have switched to FEEDLY, its really good and as soon as you are on there it will import all your favourite google reader blogs.

  2. My friend, I am really pissed about Google reader! I have signed the petition! Lets hope it works! I don't know how to use these other things? I am not tech savvy and I don't want to lose all of you! I will be making a post on my blog about this soon. Maybe people have other ways? I know a person said she uses Firefox? Might check that out. Love the hair, can't believe how the look is so different!

  3. I'm with Darcy, feedly is much better than bloglovin' in my humble opinion - and a couple of days in I'm even preferring it to google reader!

  4. Feedly all the way!!!!

  5. I used bloglovin but will have to check out this feedly. I love your girls. Your doing so well.

  6. it has been suggested to me to sign up for all of them so your followers have a choice, All it takes is adding the links on your sidebar:) Just a suggestion but I'm waiting until later to see if they change their minds, google that is.
    Have a great week, Marilou

  7. I can't imagine making those pretty girls on Photoshop, I just don't have the patience, and prefer to work with real mess! Valerie

  8. I think you did a great job with the hair! Thnx for reminding me about Google reader. I'd read it before, but kinda forgot. Going to look up Feedly now ....

  9. Thanks for sharing info on google reader I had no idea they were planning that

  10. I just don't keep up with things...
    I'm one of those, I'll change when I have no other choice kinda gals....haha!

    Hair is hard with any tool, at least for, I think you're doing phenomenally!

  11. I really admire you for learning to create art in photoshop. I do a lot digitally, but only after I've painted everything. Then I scan it in, isolate different elements, and sometimes move things around. But you're doing an amazing job! I switched to Feedly. Hope it's as seamless as they promise...

  12. I have a Google reader post coming up. I am not in love with Bloglovin.

    I am loving what you are doing digitally. I think the hair looks good now, can't wait to see how good it looks as you develop more skills!

  13. Hi Natasha, I'm loving this new direction your art is taking. I'm so crap with digital art I find it really interesting to watch you learning new things with this and showing what you can do. This girl/girls is so cute love the hand!

    I'm finding it increasingly harder and harder to blog lately. For one reason or another I've not been able to post properly for weeks. Hopefully this week will be different as I think I've figured out the problem.

    Not sure what you mean about these changes. I get so confused with blogger and google + etc since I got my smart phone my blog and email have all kinda come together which I kind of find confusing........I'll figure it out eventually.

    Loving the look of your page though! :0) x


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