Friday, March 8, 2013

Digital Doll Face

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Here's an evolution of my digital doll face. This is my second attempt because the first one was a disaster. I wish I had saved the photo before I deleted it so you could see. But I did learn some things like don't shade the face before you get all the features to line up the way you want them.
  • I have never in my life witnessed so much snow. In the past there were usually a couple of snow days and then it was cold but fine. This year we had snow fall for 2-3 days than a couple of sunny days than again 2-3 snowy days. It just keeps falling. This is last week's photo. You can see our fence is almost snowed under. Luckily when the sun is out it's so strong that the snow starts to melt immediately.
  • Of course since then we had warm sunny days and the snow melted to half of what it was
  • I read a lot of books. What annoys me is when a book starts mildly interesting and it shows promise but then it all goes to hell and I get so frustrated I stop reading. I write reviews as I read because I noticed that if I wait until I read the whole book I have absolutely nothing to say apart from whether I liked it or not.
  • Here are some of the reviews from the books I didn't get to finish:
Failed review 1: This book started of sketchy. We all know you’re not supposed to go with a stranger anywhere especially if he doesn’t take a no for an answer and you’re not willing to give him what he wants. And when things go bad you’d think she learned a lesson but no. She throws herself at a stranger that might have saved her from a bad situation but she also just saw him kill a man. I think this girl is not all that bright. Blah…

Failed review 2: I hate it when a book starts off with names for things that I have no idea what they mean. Sure you figure it out throughout the book but still you’re clueless at the beginning and struggle to keep up with the story. It’s the same with all the weird names for people. I had no idea what gender they were until the author addressed them with a he or she. And it took some time to do so and I was picturing a girl for like a couple of pages when I found out it was a boy.

Failed review 3: I love historical romance. This is a classical story of a headstrong young lady and a cocky handsome man falling in love. But it was something about the writing that didn’t feel quite right. The characters behavior was way too modern to be historical. She fairly quickly forgot Lord’s condescending behavior when they met. I though being a lady she would take more offense to it but I guess when he’s a Lord and a good looking one, he’s forgiven pretty quickly. Such a cliché. And I didn’t understand her father’s state of mind. He was lethargic because of his son’s disgrace. What? I would understand sickness, disability or even old age but lethargy over his son’s shame? Not death, shame! It's just plain ridiculous.
  • Did you notice what I did with my blog header? :) You can click on the flowers in the header and it will take you places. The girl however will take you back to blog home.

I also have a new blog button if you want to grab it. I made it in a shape of a flower. You cannot see it since I have a white background but if you put it against a color it will hold the flower shape.

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  1. The snow looks wonderful! Love that photo. You are doing well with the digital girls, how clever is that banner. I laughed at your failed reviews, did you publish them?

  2. You're getting really good with these digital faces! And that header .... wow! How on earth did you do that!? Would you like to share ... ;-)

  3. Beautiful new blog header and digital work. The snow looks pretty, but I am happy we are snow free just now! Valerie

  4. absolutely love the new fresh look to the blog and the flowers are perfect... and like you I hate it when a book starts well and then just falls over... I think I would be a very brutal editor!!! Love your reviews... and that snow looks incredible... for us it has been endless rain in the last month... but still stinking hot so not much fun at all...xx

  5. Love your new Blog header - the flowers are perfect. Digital doll head - awesome. xoDonna

  6. Your digital art is wonderful and you may be asked over and over to do a tutorial on your blog header.
    Have a great Friday

  7. Awww what a cute piece! and I love the header.

    Happy PPF!

  8. Love your sweet digital girl and the new header! The way you added the patterns to the deress and background is really neat! :)

  9. Love your work, do you have to have a certain program on your computer to take this class?

  10. Your digital girl turned out nicely and I love her in her final background. HPPF!

  11. How sweet and lovely images. saludos

  12. hello,

    your digital gal is adorable and your header is entirely clever!

    yes indeed, that does look like a lot of snow!
    we have sun today, yea. i will head out with a friends dog and ski the woods!

  13. beautiful digital artwork, wish I could do that. Great photo.......we are still waiting for Spring, just wish it would hurry up.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  14. Wow! Your digital art rocks!!
    I'm loving it as your new blog header!!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  15. you're getting so good at digital art - it still has your signature look to it as well. I can't believe how deep that snow is - my white dogs would disappear under it if we had that here!!

  16. Way cool header, Natasha May. And the digital doll is darling! There are books I have started and not finished too. Some I didn't get into the second chapter. If I can't figure out what's what soon or if I can't remember the 2 dozen characters mentioned in the first chapter, I just close it up.

  17. Your blog is looking so fresh and so pretty! I love it! A+++ Your snow picture, is a winter wonderland! Gorgeous! The stages of your doll face was interesting to see! You are doing great in the digital drawing!! Have a great one ;o)

  18. Love your clever new blog header and your digital art!!! you can have the snow tho :):) Happy PPF!

  19. I am becoming more interested in digital art. Got a magazine today with some instructions ... Well see if I can figure it out! Enjoyed reading this post! Pretty girl!

  20. Love the new look to your blog Natasha, Your digital art is great

  21. Wow, Natasha you have been busy since I've last come here. I LOVE the new look and your digital doll too! You have made so many changes and they are all lovely!
    Nice to come back here for a peek.
    Hugs and blessings

  22. This is so cool you're blossoming into a whole new art style right before my eyes amazing the header is impressive

  23. Your new header is adorable...I love your digital girl...soooo sweet!!Really really good job! And that snow is beautiful... we didn't get much in the west.

    Hugs Giggles

  24. Love your new design in you blog. IT LOOks GREAT. Your digi girl is so beautiful, Love her!!!

    Have a great day!

  25. Yes, I did notice you are all digified (not a real word, but I like it....haha!)
    So cool how you are embracing this new medium!

    ....and all that snow gives me shivers!

  26. I fuss with the digital things and am flustrated by them. . . you are certainly becoming excellent at this. . .and I use to write programs (COBAL). I like that I can click into different areas and see them up close. Blessings, Janet PPF


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