Monday, February 25, 2013

It's working for me

I'm taking a workshop from Shwe Khit and I'm loving it. She is a really great teacher and it's so easy to follow her directions. True, her accent is a little hard to understand but just seeing her instructional videos is enough to repeat what she clicks in Photoshop.
As I said before this is my second 30 days challenge I set up for myself and I'm taking it easy so I don't overwhelm myself and quit the whole thing. :) The face was done on one day and then the below girl with the background was done in 4 days all together.
It's really not that hard so don't think it takes that long to draw her. You can do it all in couple of hours. But as I said I'm taking it easy. I already realized I don't like doing arms and legs. Funny, right, since they're just sticks. :))
Artsyville Tuesday's list for this week is things you're doing that are really working for you (exercise routine, nightly chocolate snack, carpooling, morning writing, organizational strategies, etc...)
  • 30 days challenge, since I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone
  • green tea
  • reading books every day
  • gluten-free, meat-free and dairy-free diet, ok so dairy I'm still struggling with (can you say cheese?)
  • Cotton Candy Girls
Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop registration is opened. Go HERE to find out more about it. It's exactly the same as the first time around and it's only $25.


  1. Your girl looks beautiful. Hope at least this year I can join your class.Is the registration open for a couple of months?

  2. Photoshop scares me. :) She is looking fantastic! Apart from cheese I am dairy free, sugar free and gluten free. Good cheese is hard for me to say no to, but I try!

  3. Lovely and a great job!

  4. Love your little girl, but I am not so sure I want to try your diet! Valerie

  5. Great job! I've got to get brave and learn something about photo shop - I have elements, but do I learn it? NO! Love your list. What is working well for me these days? Perhaps breathing. :o) xoDonna

  6. Love what you have done with the pohtoshop tutorial! She looks great.

    Thing that are working for me:
    Caffine free
    Painting every day
    Dark chocolate

  7. Very interesting! love what you did here!

  8. Wow, Natasha! Another medium for you to create a world of whimsical girls! This is wonderful!

  9. Your new little girl is so precious! Love her! I love cheese! That is a hard one for me too!

  10. Look at you go! The digital stuff is challenging isn't it?
    I do my green tea fact I could devote an entire page just to the kinds of green tea. Great list!

  11. Reading every day is a good one. I love to read art books and neglected my thriller novel lately for crossword and sudoko puzzles.

  12. great list... I too am gluten & dairy free... and yes, it works for me too!

  13. I completely under the struggle with the cheesse! Cheese is one of those foods that, well, taste great, but I've cut it out too. Btw, I really like the final of your photoshop drawing! It's really awesome, and love how it looks, (the textures, everything). Very nice

  14. what a cute little girl! That's a lot of "-free" eating. Good for you, I hope it's working! {:-Deb

  15. I'm getting ready to go gluten free. It's challenging at the moment but is definitely in my future.

    1. PS your art, as always, is amazing. So wonderful.


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