Monday, February 11, 2013

From a photo to a comic figure & Miss Piggy

You can still see all my my paintings and videos from this 30 days challenge on my YouTube channel so go on and subscribe if you don't want to miss them. And I'm posting paintings on my FB page as I make them. So go over there and check what you missed. :)

I was playing with Photoshop last week. I always dreaded the darn thing. Fist time I opened it I was like, layers? WTF are layers? Why can't it be simple? :)) Then I saw some tutorials and I took Tam's digital workshop but still I wasn't that comfortable with it.

Honestly, the only thing I used it for was to make PDF's and gif. But I do love actions. I'm always excited to see what comes out of it. Some work some don't. I found this comics action and it didn't work at first the way I wanted it. So, I played with my photo a little bit.

I know I sound pathetic. :))) But I'm so excited that I actually figured something out for myself without googling for tutorials. :) Here is a photo of myself. Don't laugh ok. My self-portraits are awful.
this is the original
this one went through sumi-e filter twice and then the film grain
then I used comic action but had to adjust threshold
I used magic lasso to cut the image out and paste it to an empty background

Artsyville Tuesday's list for this week is things you use, but not for their intended purpose.
  • I use my easel as a headphone holder
  • my elliptical bike or whatever it's called holds my blanket but I do intend to reclaim it
  • my art studio is used for storage
  • my computer desk has two functions, obviously the original purpose is maintained and it serves as my art desk as well
  • I took my mothers baking dish and used it for making some backgrounds. Needles to say I forgot spray paints don't come off so now it's mine
  • but being an artist I use a lot of stuff in a way that was not meant to be used like dish sponges, food wrap film, salt, alcohol, drinking straws, shaving foam, etc
  • I use erasers to carve stamps out of
  • poker playing cards as an ATC base
  • old books to tear out pages for collage or paint in them directly
  • I made glass pebbles and washers into jewelry and bottle caps into fridge magnets
  • we use broken tea mugs as pencil containers
  • socks on my dogs paws when she cuts herself and to prevent her from licking it (this just happened recently)
Ok, I have a giveaway going on right now. It is for a FREE spot on my March 2013 Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop. Go check it out!


  1. You look very beautiful in cartoonland ;) and yes my easel works well as a headphoneholder too ;)

  2. Love your video and your girl! And that comic action looks amazing. Wonder how you did it. Sumi-filter, film grain, threshold, huh ...?

  3. Oh You do inspire me Natasha May -- but is it enough to make me sit down with my photoshop elements and play? We will see. Love your girl and the Miss Piggy quote. Made me laugh and it's only 6:00 am. Lists and videos - great stuff. Carry on Miss Natasha May - you are doing a wonderful job of keeping me interested, inspired and entertained - and to top it all off, downright curious about who you are ... really. <3 xoDonna

  4. Loved watching you paint and seeing my stencil jazz up her hair like that. Gorgeous! Hope you'll post this to the Flickr group too bc it's just amazing! I use photo shop a lot to add text, collage different elements from different pieces, create patterns and repeats, and sometimes adjust colors. It takes a bit of playing to get the hang of it but once you do, it will be another tool in your toolbox!

  5. Wonderful video and your painting is lovely with the ms piggy quote ~ Great shots of yourself ~ very pretty ~

    Carol of: (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  6. You look cute as a button girl...and you're smart too...except for the baking dish.

  7. fun to see you playing with your self portrait!

    your top piece is sweet too ~

  8. by the way i like your photo of yourself.

  9. Those pictures of your self are way too cool@ Well done ;o) I love Miss Piggy ;o) She is my girl ;o) LOL! Your painting is beautiful ;o) Have a great one ;o)

  10. I like that picture of you! You are so pretty!

    Miss Piggy sure knows how to get her point across..haha!

  11. Firstly great illustration and I LOVE that quote from Miss Piggy - the original girl power way before the Spice Girls!!
    I totally agree with Photoshop. We have it on our computer and it is the default programme when we open a photo but I hate it - i think it is completely user- UNfriendly - so many buttons offering to do so many amazing things to your photo but little explanation of how to do it!! The only thing I use it for is to 'perfectly clear' a photo which just readjusts the exposure and colour. Good for you for working out how to do that - the effect is fantastic and I wouldn't have had a clue! It reminds me of that A-Ha video for Take on me! By the way it was nice to see a photo of you - I like your hair!

  12. that was a crafty way to get your mom's baking dish!

  13. love watching your challenges. I have Photoshop Elements - I'll have to look for the cartoon setting, if it has it! Kiss Kiss to doggie paws. {:-Deb

  14. Enjoyed watching your video and seeing you painting unfold. And those manipulated selfies are great!

  15. I love the cartoon! And I love all your uses especially the socks on the paws. Awww.

  16. Good for you for playing with Photoshop. I love it! Everything is super great.. the video, your self portrait, your list and of course, Miss Piggy!


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