Monday, January 28, 2013

Useless Knowledge

Random thoughts today:
  • I find it very hard to stick to my 30 days challenge. See, I'm inclined to cheat. I can do three paintings at a time and than have 2 days off to relax. But I took up this challenge specifically because of that reason, so I wouldn't cheat. It was great up until day 9. I had to change my theme as the girls took too long to paint.
  • You know how, when you have too many things to do, you're so overwhelmed that you take a nap? :) That's what I'm doing. I'm not napping but I find all sorts of things to do and I have so many ideas and inspiration that I want to start right now. But I can't. I have to wait and do things one at a time because I know myself. I give up too easily when things start to pile up.
  • Doodling is not relaxing to me. My eyes start to hurt and I get a headache. 
  • I like pommes frites. That's French fries for my American friends and chips for my British friends. Although as I understand chips are not exactly the same size as fries. Did you know Belgium is pommes frites' place of origin?
  • Also, I didn't know Belgium today was called Spanish Netherlands back in 16th century. Wiki is full of knowledge.
  • My birthday is in little over three weeks and I want a tattoo to commemorate the occasion.


  1. Nice piece Natasha! Valerie

  2. Love your doodling Natasha... I know... doing something everyday for 30 days is a challenge... especially if they take time to do... good on you for soldiering on...

    Jenny ♥

  3. Natasha this looks really amazing! love the colorcontrast!! And yes for me doodeling is very exhausting too ;)

  4. It's not cheating to schedule your time to fit your creative rest needs remember it's easily 30 videos "posted" on 30 days

  5. Great piece, Natasha May, and Loved the video! I want a tatoo for my birthday too this year -- but what??!! and of course there is a little fear involved, not to mention where do I put it so it won't sag. !! xoDonna

  6. Great quote & love the piece.

  7. Oh my gosh .. this looks amazing !
    I don´t be patient enought for such a finde detailed work...



  8. I left a comment here earlier and it's gone .... Love the combination of the colors with the doodles. And I know how you feel, trying to keep up with a challenge and getting overwhelmed. For that reason I'm stil not sure whether I'll enter the 29 faces challenge in a few days.... Keep up the good work!

  9. I don't like doodling either. I don't even have an art journal, which so many of you have! I just like jumping right into my paintings ;o) We have french fries, chips to us, come in a bag and are a snack. I love your creation! Great colors ;o)

  10. this looks like a fun piece to make.
    when i read about your birthday i thought, hey that is around the time of my birthday... coming soon, i hadn't realized. lovely piece.


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