Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brave Soul

Brave Soul is painted on fine cardboard the size of 6"x8" or 15x20cm. Price is 30$ including p&p. If you're interested e-mail me and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal.

This painting is #6 in my 30 days challenge of painting and filming myself daily.

I'm posting videos on my YouTube channel so go on and subscribe if you don't want to miss them. And I'm posting paintings on my FB page as I make them. So go over there and check what you missed. :)

Artsyville Tuesday's list for this week is about one quick and easy design change you could make in each room of your house/condo/apt (e.g. moving a piece of furniture, switching rugs, shoving stacks of paper out of sight) to give it a visual lift.
  • I could start with cleaning up my computer desk. I'm afraid if I do, I will find a whole new civilization somewhere under all the shit. I might call it Under-all-that-shit-landia.
  • some shelves in the bathroom would be awesome
  • reorganizing the "nook" would probably save lives at this point as stuff is falling down 
  • I've been meaning to put pictures up on the walls in the bedroom but can't decide which ones. I can't even decide whether I want paintings there or photos. And if I choose photos what kind of frames would be best. See my dilemma? A simple thing turns into a massive project.
  • we need to put up fence in the upper hallway to eliminate the threat of falling down to the lower level. Seriously, I have a dog show cage set up there right now because I was freaking out for my cat Charlie when he had surgery and had that satellite dish around his head and was bumping into stuff. As "clever" as he is, he would probably miss the stairs and fall down.
  • we need a new coffee table in the living room. Hubby broke the last one.
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  1. Oh Natasha... your painting is beautiful... love her hair... and your videos so much fun... fab challenge you have set yourself...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Natasha, you kill me! Love your Under-all-that-shit-landia...I'll be using it soon so if your ears are burning....

  3. I have a hard time putting art on the wall. DH just put a nail in, but I like to have things more presentable. Even though you don't see the backside. We've got a lot of holes in the wall, that leads to drywall putty and the like. Then it's time to paint...

    Hope Charlie is feeling better. Love your artwork - thanks for sharing {:-Deb

  4. Nice painting with great contrasts! Clearing up? Rather not! Valerie

  5. Good Luck! Always feel better when it's all over. Great painting, Natasha. xodonna

  6. I am so loving this series. What a great set you have when finished!

  7. It's probably a good idea to fix danger spots falling pets would be terrible love her hair will subscribe!

  8. Great video I really enjoyed it! :) I like the slow down bits because so many art videos are speeded up I end up thinking I ought to be painting a whole lot faster!xx

  9. If 'Under all that shit lania' is just for your desk than you must live in my world which is on the continent of 'Under all that shit' ... cause it's my whole house, not just a desk :( Don't move tho. I don't want to be the only inhabitant!

    I adore your art and videos, too! (What kind of camera are you using?) Your 30 day challenge is inspiring.

  10. I have been wanting to do some spring cleaning since...well, last spring. I am afraid I might find a secret civilization under my stuff as well :P

  11. Make sure you put the fence up! That is important! Your painting is beautiful! Love the colors! She does look like a brave soul!


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