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I don't watch the news and I don't read papers. Every news I hear is from my family or I accidentally read it on FB. And I really try to avoid it. Not because I'm in denial or I like to be ignorant but because of all the negative energy around it and people focusing on the problem instead of solutions.

Regarding this weekends events, I'd like to share a statement that is attributed to Morgan Freeman but the "internet truth police" cannot find proof of. None the less I agree with whoever wrote it.

"You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here's why.

It's because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single *victim* of Columbine? 

Disturbed people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he'll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

CNN's article says that if the body count "holds up", this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer's face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer's identity? None that I've seen yet. Because they don't sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you've just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

You can help by forgetting you ever read this man's name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news."

Next four prompts are from Reverb#12:
13. Please post your favorite picture of yourself from 2012, self-portrait or otherwise!
I realized I have no pictures of myself from this year. So, yesterday being a nice sunny day, I took the opportunity for a self portrait. I'd like to remind you that I'm on a short side with short arms and I cannot hold the camera far enough not to make my nose big. My nose is not that big in reality. I promise. :)

14.  What was the most important thing you learned in 2012? How does this learning shape the path going forward?
I learned a lot about spirituality and why we are all here and how we co-create our reality. It made me aware of my thoughts and my feelings and gave me confidence that all can be changed, if you put your mind and heart into it. How does this shape my path? Well, I believe a new world is coming.

15. What was the most extraordinary dish you sampled in 2012? What made it so magical?
I'm not much of a gourmet eater and since I limited my diet to meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, I depend on home cooked meals that are good but not extraordinary. Nothing magical crossed my dinner plate this year. :) My fave food though are homemade spring rolls.

16. Who inspired you in 2012? And why? What gifts did they give you? And how will you carry these forward in to 2013?
Flora Bowley is always an inspiration to me with her artwork and "zenness". Tracy Verdugo made huge business decisions this year that made me applaud her. Teal Scott gave me a lot of insight into spirituality and helped me grow. How will I carry these forward in to 2013? Hell, if I know. I don't have all the answers. I just improvise. :))

For the journal page above I used another border stencil from Jessica Sporn.

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  1. I agree with you - I read most of the details in the paper this morning. I find the TV news to be overwhelming and they do dwell on the drama of it all - it's about ratings after all. My prayers are for the families and friends and all the children who "survived" and will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. I hate to see any killer made into a hero.

  2. I agree with both of you. It doesnt help so why bother! My heart goes out to those families.

  3. Gorgeous journal page Natasha... love her hair... beautiful pics of you... and great answers to the questions... I do the same as you... don't read papers... don't watch the news... for the same reasons as you... and yes... it was ALL over facebook... did see this from Morgan Freeman also... it makes sense...

    Jenny ♥

  4. A terrible sad...

    I like those self portraits, I don't think your nose looks big at all.
    Can't believe the end of the year is almost here!

  5. I totally agree. Killers become more important than killed people. That's really sad.

  6. Love your journal pages. It is sad that the monsters who murder others are remembered long after their victims are forgotten. Valerie

  7. You're right. I'd say more but it's really that simple.

  8. Very thought provoking post Natasha. I agree with what Mary said above.

    Love the hair on your lady. xxx

  9. Well said Natasha...whoever said it first.

  10. You are adorable Natasha ;o)
    My friend, I agree with everything you have said!! ;o) (I am still trying to figure out where do crows hide soccer balls? LOL)

  11. I gave up news, papers, and TV about three years ago. I so agree the negative energy is far too much. Now I pick and choose very carefully and watch (on my computer) only what appeals and lifts me up. The shootings? Horrendous. Do I want to get into every victims heart and grieve with them - no I'm afraid I can't do that anymore and keep any sort of life balance. Your answers to the prompts always fascinate me somehow - and your photograph - lovely, Natasha. xoDonna

  12. Like you, I have been avoiding reading anything about this. My husband didn't even tell me while I was at work organizing our holiday party because he knew it would upset me to no end... just horrific.

  13. I am so with you in this post. I don't read newspapers/watch the news for exactly the same reasons as you state.
    The quote from Morgan Freeman (or whoever actually said it) was one that caught my eye on FB too.

  14. First, I love your beautiful lady and your answers to Reverb. The only thing that I found helpful on the news this week was the statement by a psychologist that creativity will helps us because we are building things up rather than destroying or tearing them down. I am sharing this with all of my friends who don't think they are creative or who are working with children so they can help them recognize and celebrate their own creativity.

  15. Beaytiful journal! Happy PPF e Buon Natale!


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