Monday, December 10, 2012

Junk in a trunk

I made these rings! Do you like them? :)

Here is how you make them. You take glass pebbles like the ones below that are flat on one side and bake them in an oven on around 350° for about 20 minutes. Then you take them out and immediately drop them in a bowl of iced water. I actually dumped some snow in my water so it was really cold. Pebbles should "brake" on the inside but the surface should be whole.
Than you take the ring base that can be bought in any craft store and glue the pebble on. Voila! You made your very own unique rings. :)
Artsyville Tuesday's list for this week is about "contents of your junk drawer". This was my suggestions when we made that list of lists. :)

I have several junk drawers but I'm only going to list stuff in the nearest one that happens to be my computer desk art junk drawer.
  • lots of envelopes
  • 3 washi tapes
  • probably around 20 blank ATC's
  • 2 finished ATC's
  • a lot of ATC protective sleeves
  • 6 custom declarations forms
  • flip camera
  • 2 USB sticks
  • mini stapler
  • numerous 1 US dollar bills, I need them for postage when I participate in swaps
  • regular tape
  • unopened package of 2 felt tip pens with correctors
  • 5 postcards from the postcard swap a year ago
  • several handmade postcards from the postcard challenge I haven't yet figured out what to do with them
  • a lot of scrap paper and some weird embellishments
  • cherry flavored lip balm
  • a package of 4 ring bases 
  • 3 photos from years ago when I was 21 or 22 years old 
I first wanted you to guess which one I am but then realized I cannot just post people's faces on internet without their permission. So, here I am.

Next three prompts are from Reverb#12:

7. What's the one thing you want to take with you into 2013?
Spiritual growth. Oh, wait. Reading books. :)

8. Considering the idea that nothing lasts forever: what was the most important relationship that you fostered in 2012?
Blogging community. Really. It amazes me every time how relationships develop. :) And I found some amazing book reading blogs as well.

9. What was the best book you read in 2012, and why? (And by "Why?" I mean: Why did you read it? And why was it your favorite?
Darn, I answered this one on Friday. :) The Darkness Falls series from Jessica Sorensen. I probably read it because it was free on Amazon and it had a cool cover. That's how I choose books to read. :)) And it's my favorite because I really liked the heroine and how she acted in the story. I get really annoyed when characters act stupid or against (my) logic. :) She didn't. :)

Linking to Show me what you Got Art Linkup. 

P.S. I'm having a GIVEAWAY for all the book lovers. You can win ONE KINDLE EBOOK (up to $15) by an author from the Christmas for Authors event OF YOUR CHOOSING via Amazon (the list of authors is at the top of this event). Go follow the link to see how to enter. 


  1. Your rings are gorgeous Natasha... I love how they are broken on the inside... lovely pic of you.... and wonderful reading with your answers...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Great idea with the rings, and I have pots full of those glass pebbles! Great photo, too! Valerie

  3. Those rings are gorgeous! great idea to break them inside, makes it just that little bit more special.

  4. So cool, Natasha May! I have loads of those little flat glass marbles. I guess you could make all sorts of interesting things like earrings or pins and such. Thanks for the neat tip.

  5. You look so cute in that picture!! I love the rings!! What a great idea! You have a lot of items your computer desk junk drawer!! That must be one big drawer! LOL!

  6. I need to visit your blog more often. Thank you for the link on Creatives. I love the rings and the list of stuff in your junk drawer...what a cool idea. :) Angi

  7. I woulda never thought to crack the inside of the glass....what a neat effect!

    Great little gifts!

    A junk drawer is a junk drawer, wouldn't you agree....haha.....a lot of the same stuff floating around in mine...and lots of batteries in uneven numbers so I'm always buying more :)

  8. Cute 20 blank ATCs and 2 finished ones so random. I love it!

  9. Love your very artsy junk drawer list! You have "regular" tape"...who knew! : )

  10. I love the junk drawer, so much coool stuff in it. Wow. (Love that there are ATCs in there! I need to get into a swap for that as soon as I actually land somewhere!)

  11. I'd love to see the customs declarations forms -- those would make great ephemera for journal pages!

  12. I like these rings they are pretty and came out really neat.

  13. I just joined postcrossing (and want to make and mail letter/envelopes too!) But didn't realize how expensive mailing overseas would be! I need to put aside some dollar bills too... {:-Deb

  14. This List It Tuesday "junk drawer" suggestion? Love. It. It's such a fun little peek into everyone's everyday randomness!

  15. Fun ring project and interesting junk drawer contents - I don't have an art junk drawer since everything tends to stay on my desk top so I can "find" it - HA! Visiting from ListIt

  16. the rings are fab and the contents of your junk drawer are all sort of belong together... which is kind of cool...xx

  17. your rings are so pretty. i love how bright the colors while still being clear.

    your junk drawer sounds like it has lots of great, artsy stuff in it-- i had fun with this list-- thanks for thinking of this idea!

  18. I loved your "cracked gem" ring tutorial with your computer desk junk drawer list.

    You're obviously a great artist!


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