Friday, November 9, 2012

All Fenced In

A journal page for An Attitude of Gratitude challenge. I used a handmade stencil of the tree but I made a mistake of not waiting long enough for the background to dry and the paint spray bled. That should be a silhouette of a cat on the left.

That's me on the right. It's a transfer if anyone wonders. Not a good one. It got so bad, I had to cover the bottom part. That's where the fence came in. :)

I have randomness for you today.
  • I'm annoyed by some books I read. It looks like a promising read at the beginning but then all goes sour when the characters start acting stupid. I just can't go passed that when their actions defy common sense. And when the author hints clues and you figure it out half way through the book and the heroine is still annoyingly ignorant.
  • I currently have 54 half read books on my Kindle for PC for that fact alone. And it doesn't include those that I stopped reading within the first chapter. I usually leave those for another time when I'm in a different reading mood.
  • I started the Chopra's 21-day meditation challenge again. You still have time to join. I've been neglecting meditation for a while now.
  • I'm overeating again. I need to get a hold on my junk food cravings.
  • The one thing I hate about painting in art journal is that paint always ends up on the previous already painted pages and ruins them.
  • We have a lot of floods in our country because of the rain.
  • My little pooch and I have new haircuts.
  • You know those scams they spam your e-mails with? I almost wish I had the guts to reply to them just to see how it would go down. Do people seriously contact them with personal info for possibility to go into business with them and make a profit?
  • I didn't think of using gloves when spray painting and now I have black fingers on my left hand.
  • You can get a headache from inhaling spray paint. Wear a mask!

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  1. Gorgeous tree stencil Natasha... fabulous pages... and love that you are peeking out from behind the fence... the paint not being dry just adds more mystery...

    Jenny ♥

  2. Agreed - gorgeous tree stencil! When working in my art journal I usually put a piece of wax paper between the page I'm working on and the page which is completed. I tuck the ends under the outside of the book for stability - and voila - no paint on your previous page. The other way to look at it is, it personalizes your journal and only makes it better. :o) Thanks for your 'randoms' - thoroughly enjoyed. xoDonna

  3. I think your fence solution to your transfer is fabulous because it adds more intrigue and mystery to this- along with the cool paint on the tree! Happy PPF!

  4. I think the softened edges around the tree make it look misty plus I had no trouble seeing the cat. You shouldn't be so hard on your art!

  5. I love your random comments Natasha they always make me laugh!! I totally agree about the books that test our willing suspension of disbelief to the limit! I used to feel obliged to finish any book I started but then a few years ago I realised life is too short to struggle through a story that isn't keeping you gripped!
    It's a shame the spray paint ran but the stencil is still really lovely!

  6. Wonderful journal pages ~ Tree is great ~ love the girl behind the fence and the words ~ very creative and inspiring ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  7. Love the journal page...try using masking tape on your will stop the bleed through. Half read I'm wading through one book at the moment. The White Queen, boring....but I'm going to carry on... The Queen's Fool by the same author is brilliant, loved it. Phillipa Gregory. The Archer by Bernard Cornwall...excellent book. Hope your fingers turn a normal colour soon.. :)

  8. Your page is great. I'm doing the meditation challenge too. Love your random thoughts. Seems we have the same thoughts on books. If I can't get past the first 50 pages, its done in my mind. Sometimes I'm in for 100 - but really, if it takes 100 pages to get my attention.. something is wrong. Happy PPF

  9. Great pages. Love that you're peeking out from behind that fence. Your randomness list has a lot in common with mine. And I am also doing the meditation challenge! Happy PPF!

  10. I absolutely love the tree and fence. WOW. I too am overheating, I too get coloured hands and I too feel irritated by spam. But we just keep on keeping on. So happy PPF.

  11. I have a new haircut too!

    I quite like the way the paint bled. Happy accidents!

  12. I really like the shape of your tree stencil. Were the curves difficult to cut?

  13. Natasha May, your handmade stencil is simply fantastic. Never mind about the smudged cat. Do the stencil again on a clean page. I don't have a kindle, but I agree with you about the stupidity of some characters (or maybe the authors). In my lifetime I have left many a book unfinished. As for gloves, really, who can paint in gloves? I go to church every Sunday with blue or purple finger tips. That's just me. I have an artist friend, who can't stand messes. She runs for a baby wipe whenever she gets a dab of glue on her, even the kind that washes off.

  14. oh I really like the way this turned out- very mysterious looking-what a happy surprise the way things turned out! I'm doing the miditation challenge for the first time and feel I get more out of it with each day. Love youHappy PPF!r random listing-great way to get it out!

  15. I know the spray paint bled, but I think it gives the painting a spooky, mystical feel! I like it! I love my junk food too! Chips are my down fall! I love salt! LOL! I hope you like the new haircuts ;o) Hugs my friend ;o)

  16. I like the way the paint has bled it gives a mysterious feel to it. Great pages. Happy PPF, Annette x

  17. I thought I was bad for having 3 books going at the same time hhahahaha
    Natasha, look at my latest video, I protect the next page of the journal and I showed there, coincidentally.
    On the junk food... same here :o/

  18. I like the bleeding and loved loved loved your random list... book characters drive me nuts sometimes too and I have been known to throw books when i get really frustrated... might be a good idea for me to not get a

  19. Love the stencil, must have talken ages to cut! Would neven have thought of it running if you hadn't said, adds to the effect if you ask me. BJ

  20. Love your handmade tree stencil, Natasha!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  21. I like your journal page. It looks great to me. The girl behind the fence is interesting. Nicely done. Have a great weekend.

  22. It is so interesting to see this page Natasha... your drawings are generally so sunny and light and these pages have a different depth to it.

  23. The bleeding makes it more mysterious and dark in my opinion. Love how you come out peeking behind the fence ☺

  24. Your spread is wonderful, love the color combination and the mysterious feeling, I think the transfer with the fence is intriguing in a fun way! :)
    Oh, and the stencil is great!

  25. I think this is beautiful, the soft, smudgy paint adds to the moodiness.

    I am right there with you on those spam emails. Every time I get one I am terribly tempted to reply, but just be so thick headed and stupid and see if they thought I might be just dumb enough that it was worth it for them to try and explain the process to me.

  26. Your random list shows you are disturbed...cheer up lady...your art is just so beautiful and helps me smile always!

  27. I actually like the "foggy" effect of the tree, but of course it's annoying when things don't end up the way one planned...
    Really cool work!

    // Virtual Boy

  28. I love that spooky tree....the haze just makes it look foggy and more spooky :)

    Question. I got approached by the My Memories Suite people to try them out and do a giveaway. Was this a good experience for you. Do you use the software?
    It's been weeks, but I haven't deleted their email yet....still deciding.
    Any insight would be helpful :)

    Are you going to show your new haircut?

  29. I slip an A4 page of spare paper under each new journal page - this protects the previous and next pages from any unwanted paint


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