Monday, October 8, 2012

# 8 Long time no see

Cotton Candy Girls are back after a long time
Blogtoberfest is being awesome so far. :) Thanks so much for all the questions and keep them coming. :)

If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm answering your random questions that you leave for me in the comments throughout this event in October. So, if you have a question you'd like me to answer, now is the time to speak up.

DIANE asked me: What do you love about blogging?

First of all. Hi Diane! Nice to meet you. :) I love the community and friendships that developed through blogging. I love the support and help I get from all of you. And I love discovering new blogs and learning from them.

I am really having fun blogging and sometimes I can't wait for my favorite blogs to post so I can read them and comment. So guys, give me a break and post more often, ok? :))

I read you in Google Reader. The one that developed it is my life saver. I have 431 subscriptions so far. Can you imagine having you all bookmarked and checking you every day to see if you posted something? :)))

soulbrush asked me:  When are you coming to London, would love to meet with you?

I would so love to visit England and I will someday, but right now finances won't let me. I thought we were going to visit quickly when we were in Amsterdam but it didn't add up.

And it would be great to have like a blogger meet up or something. :) I know so many bloggers from England it would be awesome to meet everyone. :) Do you do meet ups where you're from? Like casual meeting in a pub or somewhere, nothing official like blogger conference.:)

Before I started blogging I found this amazing crafty forum here in my country and they had meet ups almost every month. That's how I met all these fabulous and talented ladies and even though I'm not much active on the forum anymore I still make time for the meet ups. I even hosted one in May. :) So much fun!

And since we're talking about UK, if anyone enjoys reading romance erotica, I know a young author who is keen to give away a few FREE copies of her e-books in exchange for reviews posted on the Amazon UK site. If you're interested, contact her at You'll be helping her out a bunch. And if you could spread the word around, it would be great. :)


  1. What a lovely blog! I'm visiting from Blogtoberfest and made the decision today that I want to visit each blog and leave at least one comment on each one - everyone puts so much work into it. Love your art and the idea of answering questions throughout October. I have a very boring one - what font do you use for your posts? Going back to check you haven't answered it already! :)

  2. It seems we love blogging for the same reasons: the wonderful people, the amazing stories, the great tales. What's not to love ;-)

    When are you going to draw an olive-skinned girl with hair as insane as mine?

  3. Yes, blogging is fun. Love your bright little girls, too! Valerie

  4. I have fallen in love with your Fridas.
    And how seriously amazing is SuziBlu?
    Hey, there's another one for you: what is on your nightstand at the moment? (Another version of this could be: what are you reading?)

  5. I thought I had a lot of subscriptions but it's nothing compared to yours! How do you keep up with it all !?

  6. I am like you! I love bloggy land for the great people I meet! I really consider everyone to be friends! I would love to meet some people that I have talked to on here! Would be fun! Yeh Cotton Candy Girls ;o)

  7. You know I love the Cotton Candy Girls and by the way my granddaughters think they are amazing! I love blogging for all of the same reasons. I have a whole new world of supportive friends through blogging :0) I have learned so much through the blogworld and have become a more creative person because of it.

  8. All those subscriptions! WOW- I'd like to have more - there are so many fantastic blogs out there - but it would simply overwhelm me. Have you ever had any really unusual comments which you remember and have fallen in love with? Enjoy blog fest. Your cotton candy girls are adorable. Frida says hi - she missed you, but is also happy to be 'home'. hugs, Donna

  9. I was subscribed to that many until recently, but I got so behind I felt overwhelmed just thinking about catching up. So I unsubscribed to lots, I may add some back, but the others I can check up on the internet now and again.

    Clearly you are still on my subscribe list as I get caught up again!

    I love the connection and the inspiration I get from other people. Like water cooler talk in a workplace.


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