Thursday, October 4, 2012

# 4 Cats

You guys are so awesome helping me out with questions for Blogtoberfest. :) So, don't stop! Keep them coming in the comments.

Gina Sismilich asked me: what is your art space like?

My art space moves around. :) I have a room that is supposed to be my studio but it's just a room I store my stuff in.

Like I said yesterday I like painting in front of my computer so I have a small container of my favorite paints under my desk, watercolor pencils and a jar of india ink pens on my desk and paper in my drawer.

If I'm filming stuff or I'm doing something messy I go to the spare room (that is not my studio) where there's better light from the windows and I can set up my camera. I have a larger container with art stuff there so it's easier to move it around.

If I'm spray-painting or I'm painting a larger piece that I have to put on the floor then I go on my terrace.

If you want pictures, click HERE.



  1. Those pussy-cats have attitude!

  2. Love those cheeky cats! Valerie

  3. Those cats are so feisty looking - I like them a lot! I have a large room over the garage for my studio - but I tend to spread out over the house. Need to clean some of it up today!

  4. I like your art - especially the pussy cats! Very cool. Love your blog, too.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment, It's wonderful to discover your blog and view your talented artwork, love your cats! I understand about moving your creative space around the house I always end up on the Dining table.

  6. Love the cat picture, I have 2 cats and both of them have that poised to pounce look your artwork does.

  7. Thanks for visiting and commenting at Blogtoberfest today! You have quite a few random questions there. ;) Great to see you playing along. :)

  8. such a cute kitty.
    i always love hearing about or seeing an art space or studio, thank you.

  9. Love your kitties...the top one looks a lot like our Sally :)

    You are a traveling nice to have art supplies ready to go with you!

  10. love your cats! Here's another question: are you able to live from your art or do you have another job as well? (just being curious ... ☺)

  11. I am loving all these answers to everyone's questions! I love your kitties too!


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