Wednesday, October 31, 2012

# 31 Halloween Party is today!

This is my costume for today's PARTY!
Zombie Marilyn Monroe
Did you guess?

If you were the first one to guess I got an ATC for you, if not, you have another chance today. All participants will be eligible to win one of my ATC's. Either THIS one or THIS one. Let it be a surprise for you or you can tell me which one you like better in the comments. :) You have time until Sunday the 4th November to enter the linky party. I will announce the winner on Monday.

Make sure you visit everybody to see what costume they're wearing and if there's any candy left for ya. :) If they're already drunk, make fun of them. Yes! I allow you to make fun of them. :) But remember!

 I guess these are the last questions I'm answering for this month of Blogtoberfest. It was so much fun and thank you everyone for putting up with my daily posts and nagging you for questions. :)

Cameron asked me: When you close your eyes and think of a relaxing, beautiful place....what do you think of?
A sunny meadow full of wildflowers.

What does magic mean to you?
I don't believe in spells and potions but I do believe there are people that have extraordinary gifts that might come across as magic. Wouldn't mind having some myself.

What would be your biggest regret?
Not living up to my potential. Looking back and think, "Wish I had the guts to do that."

What's your favorite sweet treat?
It used to be cake but I haven't had any since I've been eating gluten free, so it's candy now.

Magic Love Crow asked me: Since it's almost Halloween, have you ever been visited by a ghost?
No, I haven't been visited by a ghost. At least I don't think so. Any kind of noise I always contribute to my pets so if anyone was trying to get through to me I've been ignoring them for a long time. :))

Linking to Show me what you Got Art Linkup. 

Join the party by linking below.


  1. If you would like you can link up to the generic Show me what you got link this will give you the most recent week as the link you have above is expired now. Thanks for hosting this party glad I could make it again this year. Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween NatashaMay! Have a good one - Adore your costume! hugs, Donna

  3. I just love that don't drink and fly!! And your costume is fantastic! Happy Halloween!

  4. SEX-spookular!!!
    happy haunting!

  5. Great zombie Marilyn Natasha:) Happy Halloween and Congratulations on finishing the Blogtober challange

  6. Love your Marilyn costume babe! LOL you always have such fun stuff going on and I LOVE that witch!

  7. Happy Halloween!!
    I giggled when you said that you've been ignoring any ghosts trying to reach you....haha! I can just see the dissappointed groan on their faces ;P

    Thanks for answering my questions, too :)

  8. Happy Halloween! I love your Zombie Marilyn Monroe!!! She is beautiful!!! That flying witch is so cool!! Make sure to eat lots of candy today!! Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Am loving your zombie Marilyn! Too cool! Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!!!

  10. Freaky-nice artwork! I had to recover from laughing at the 'Don't drink and fly'. Have a fantastic day!

  11. Well, Marilyn Monroe is still looking great, despite her dreadful wounds ;-) The picture made me laugh. Very funny ☺

  12. Marilyn rulz!!! Very cool. I love your post, now you made me want to party.. and all I have to do is dress up for the event?? Oh goodness I loved that witch on the pole too, hilarious!! I really should be drawing not typing if I want to join in ;)

  13. Love your latest works, Natasha!! Your zombie MM is fantastic!
    I know I'm late for the party, but yesterday was a busy working day... Today I'm on holiday and going to visit all my blof fellows!!

  14. Lots of witches I wonder what that says about us?? Thanks for linking to this weeks SMWYG, see you next Wednesday.

  15. Hope you have had a happy halloween!!

  16. Love Marilyn, even when she is a zombie, she is awesome!

  17. Zombie Marilyn Monroe! Love it- That is an awesome picture and I'm pretty sure you looked fabulous in person too. :)
    Excuse my lateness to the party please I come bearing virtual cheese and crackers.

  18. Yey!!! I made it back to join the party, hand over those sweets LOL! I love both you aceos but 'specially Mr Pugsly with fairy wings ;) Have a great weekend & thanks for the invite!!!


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