Tuesday, October 30, 2012

# 30 and Only one day to Halloween

I'm predicting a mighty fine Halloween Party tomorrow. :) 
Are you coming?
What Halloween costume will you be wearing?
I will be ZMM. 
If you guess what that means I'll give you something.
I'm not kidding. I'll mail you an ATC probably.
You have time until I post my ZMM tomorrow. :)
First one who guesses right will win.

I found this great challenge at Artsyville last week and I decided I want to play. So, this week the list is about quick fixes. Stuff you know you need to do (and could do in a flash), but for whatever reason, it remains undone.
  • vacuuming - it fixes the look of the house so it counts :)
  • getting my hair cut - it's in that growing out stage where you can't do anything to make it look decent
  • my little pooch getting a haircut - I'm starting to find sticks and leaves in her fur
  • getting new headphones - the foam fell off and it's hurting my ears
  • working on my workshop
Here are some of the last questions I'm answering this month for Blogtoberfest.

Donna, Doni, Lady D asked me: How did you meet your Husband. What were your first impressions.
I met him through a friend of mine and we were at her place having a little get together. I thought he was cute and had an interesting name that is not common in our country. But nothing happened then. We met again at a New Year's party and nothing happened then either. It was some months after that when we met in a club that he showed any interest in me.

How long did it take you to know 'he was the one'.
Well, he was and still is very persistent. We went through some tough times and he wouldn't leave when I told him to, so after 10 years we said what the hell, let's get married. :)) Very romantic, right? I'm sorry to say there was no special moment. It usually isn't.

What attributes do you look for in a partner.
Trust, respect and making me laugh.

Now grab my Creepy Raggedy Ann and post her on your blog letting everyone know you're coming to my party. Tomorrow you can link your scary Halloween stuff. :)


  1. Zombie Marilyn Monroe. Yes? :)))

  2. Great answer Natasha May. Day of the Dead here tomorrow - want to walk around and look at all the Alters etc. Absolutely beautiful. Happy Halloween - have fun at your party. xoDonna

  3. Everything on your list, could also be on my list! That's hilarious! lol - enjoy Halloween :-)

  4. Your husband sounds like my boyfriend. Lol. Wouldn't leave and now we've been together almost 7 years, no marriage yet!

  5. Creative list...I know what you mean about the hair thing. I hurt my back and couldn't sit in a salon chair, so I have been self inflicting hair cuts on myself...not cute : )

  6. I just love your illustrations! So expressive! I will get to work on a halloween costume... i had better be quick!

  7. Hi Natasha May ;o) Ok, my guess for ZMM is, Zombie Monster Mash ;o) I hope ;o) Crossing fingers ;o) My friend, I am sorry, I wasn't able to get anything made for your party, but I will be there!!! Hugs ;o)

  8. LoL! So glad you found artsyville Natasha! Great list!

  9. was just looking at Mushu thinking he could do with a bit of a fur tidy up... time to get out the clippers I think... much more fun giving him a trim than getting my own hair cut... great list...xx

  10. have a nice party. Good reason to vacuum and get your hair cut! {:-Deb


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