Sunday, October 28, 2012

# 28 and 3 days till Halloween

Today, I want to talk to you about something. I know we all have those days when we don't know what to blog about. Hell, I have them most of the time actually. So, what do you do?

I hear so many people say, just blog what you're passionate about. And I agree. And I get it. But . . . 

What if you don't feel passionate about anything? You just don't blog then until you do?

I'm sorry but I'm just a normal, well that can mean different things to people so let's say, average, but I don't think I fall into that category either, so let's go with regular, ok? I'm your regular woman. I haven't felt passion in true sense of the word in a long time but I do have interests.

So, my interest would be my pets, since I don't have kids. And I wrote a blog post about them. Now what? I can't write about them all the time, they are not that interesting.

My other interest is art. And I don't have trouble coming up with art to show you most of the time but I can't really talk about it passionately each time. From time to time I have enlightening moments which I of course share with you but I'm really not that wise to come up with meaningful posts full of advice each time.

Let's see. I also love reading. Do you want me to talk about books here? I don't know if I have that much to say about it. I mean, even my reviews are a couple of sentences long, I can't imagine coming up with posts all the time. And let's face it. I have periods of time where I enjoy reading then I can stop for months. What then?

And I already mentioned I love to travel but haven't been out of the country since 2010 so there's nothing to tell.

I'm working on my new online workshop that might interest some of you. But the reality is that I started it about a month ago and then nothing happened. I'm slacking off. I can't bring myself to do anything. And it's very likely it won't be ready for next month. Which is really hard for me to say because I have this thing about keeping my word. You know, doing what I said I'll do. I'm sorry.

What else am I interested in? I really can't come up with anything else right now. So, my question is, What now? I'm not suppose to blog because I don't feel passionate about anything?

No! I give you freaking random lists. Ok?!
  • I'm sharing these zombiefied cartoons because I have nothing else to offer. Come back in November for more pleasurable eye candy.
  • I'm having a Halloween party here on my blog on the 31th. Make sure you come and wear the scariest costume possible. I'll even bribe you with a giveaway.
  • Put Raggedy Ann below on your blog to let everyone know when and where to come to party.
  • Leave questions for me in the comments. Otherwise you get a post like today's. :)
  • I'm still Blogtoberfest-ing because it's still October.


  1. What can I say?! No matter what is going on with you, I seem to enjoy your blog, when, even like today after I did a complete analysis, the entire post was must to do about nothing -- well lets just say there is something in your voice, something in your writing I find very appealing. Consequently not even posts like today are boring. Love your little characters. Here's a question. How did you meet your Husband. What were your first impressions. How long did it take you to know 'he was the one'. What attributes do you look for in a partner. take care. hugs, Donna

  2. I luuuuuurve your zombie characters! :D
    Will you be dressing up as a Zombie for your party?...Do you believe in supernatural beings? If so, which is your creature of choice?
    Has anyone asked you what your favourite colour is yet? :D XXX

  3. OOOW! Have you ever attended a seance???

  4. zombie cartoons are perfect for the season
    and fun to see.

  5. Lisa Simpson is my favorite. Generally Bart has the devilish look, but on this...she looks scary!

  6. That Lisa is the best! Zombies rock! I know what you mean about blogging- it can be tough. You've got such a great honest style- the reality is we are all human (well except for the zombies) and some days it all comes together and some days it doesn't.

  7. Haha! I can relate....which is why I don't even try to do daily posts! You are a trooper!

    When you close your eyes and think of a relaxing, beautiful place....what do you think of?
    What does magic mean to you?

    What would be your biggest regret?
    Okay, okay....enough deep stuff....
    What's your favorite sweet treat?

  8. Write about why ou have no passion and how that makes you fee as an artist. I sometimes evenget ideas because my eyesite isn't as good as it once was, so sometimes I think I see things that turn out to be something completely different. Thus new ideas because the things I think I see really don't even exist. For exmple the other day I was looking at pics online and thought I saw a pretty girl but her tongue was hanging out like a dog, when I clicked on it hertongue was in r mouth. My bad vision distorted the picture and I thought what a great idea for a drawng. My problem is the opposite of yours way to many ideas and not enough time to create them. I too love cats and we have four of them they make great subjects for quick studies and longer ones. Try different mediums. Have a pet painting contest and I don't mean we paint on our animals rather we dop portraits of them everyone loves a furry baby!

  9. My friend, your blog is great! I love it! Blog when you want to! That's what I do ;o) Never force anything! I give you credit for blogging everyday in October! I know I couldn't do that! Since it's almost Halloween, have you ever been visited by a ghost? Take Care and always be you ;o) By the way, love your zombies!!!!
    Could you send me your address please ;o)
    My e-mail is

  10. I can so relate to this!! :) I think it is all part of the cycle. I admire how often you consistently blog. And I love these zombie characters!!


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