Thursday, October 25, 2012

# 25 Halloween Countdown begins today

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Halloween Countdown. :))

This is what will happen.

We’re having a linky party here on my blog on Halloween. There really is nothing to it. Just post something halloweenish and link it here on Wednesday 31st October. Easy peasy! :) I'll have Mr linky ready and a giveaway for everyone participating.

In the meantime, I'm counting down the last 7 days until Halloween. I thought I'd start with haunted houses just like last year. If you have any haunted houses stories, please share. :)
And because I love last years Halloween Party Button so much I'm keeping it for this year as well. :) Feel free to spread the love around. Thanks! :)

If you haven't noticed by now I'm answering your questions this October for Blogtoberfest. If you were wondering about anything, this is the time to ask. Let me know in the comments.:)

denthe asked me: What is your favourite morning routine?
Get up, pee, brush my teeth, get dressed, feed pets, make me a smoothie, check e-mail, . . . . Don't know which one is my fave but they're all necessary. :)
What do you do when you're stressed out?
What do you like most about yourself? 
Caring for animals.
What do you like most about your partner? 
He makes me laugh.
Do all your dogs and cats live inside the house? 
They sleep inside but they have access to outside during the day.
What is your earliest childhood-memory?
Hiding under a blanket on the beach because my mom told me a gipsy lady is going to take me away if I misbehave. Apparently I went for a walk by myself prior to that and they couldn't find me. I was 2 years old.
When and why did you start painting? 
 I talked about it HERE.

Linking to Show me what you Got Art Linkup.


  1. What a fun little Halloween picture.
    Did the gipsy lady come and take you away in the end?! ;-)

  2. Uh oh I better come up with something Halloween for the link party. Thanks for linking up with us at SMWYG hope to see you next Wednesday.

  3. This is a great project! Greetings!
    Thank you for you comment on my blog!
    I wish you success!

  4. Like I need an excuse to do something "Halloweenish"...will totally be there :D
    My earliest memory looking up from my pram, passed the garden wall/rooftop/and chimney,at a beautiful clear blue sky, while my mum was talking to a neighbour. When I described the event to my mum, she said I must have been only 6 months old! :D XXX

  5. Love your haunted house and moon painting ;o) I will try to make something for the party!!! ;o)

  6. The house in your top piece looks like it is smiling- it too is excited about Halloween! Your yellows pop!

  7. Love all this question answering. Carry on. Your haunted houses are great. xoDonna

  8. Very Halloween-ish ... Thnx for answering my questions, I must've missed that post about when you started to paint. So sweet, you hiding underneath that blanket ☺


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