Wednesday, October 24, 2012

# 24 Lucky me

Today's post is long overdue. I've been meaning to properly thank everyone whose giveaways I have won and art we've swapped for a long time. Time has finally come. :) Hope I included everyone, if not forgive me. I should have taken photos as the mail arrived but I didn't. Don't shoot me. :)
First one is Amy. I have swapped art and stamp with her and won her painting. Oh, and she sent me this little sketchbook that I forgot to take a photo of and she included this awesome greeting card, too. Thanks Amy! She's nuts, go see her blog! :)
Cameron is so sweet! I have swapped ATC's and mermaid art with her. She always includes these crazy sweet things like greeting cards, postcards and stickers with her parcels. I know! I love her! Thanks Cam! :)
I have also won an ATC from Stacy at Magic Love Crow and she also included extra little things like a greeting card and print aceo. Thanks Stacy! I love her little crows. :)
I have won the Purple moon from Kristin and the Green girl from Oddball. I am so lucky, aren't I?! The Girl with wings I swapped with Micki Wilde. I love this stuff so much I still have them all in protective sleeves waiting to be framed and properly displayed. :) Thanks ladies!
Oh, I won a book from Esther and she sent this lovely handmade greeting card along with it. I intend to frame it as well cause it's a little piece of art of its own. :) Thank you!
Ok, I'm trying my best to remember but I'm only human. I'm really sorry. :) So, the Thank you painting is from Connie when I won her Strathmore journal. I forgot to take a picture of it but I've torn her art out to save it properly. :) Terrie sent me the postcards but I forgot what we were doing there. We might have had a postcard swap. I'm sorry I can't remember but I love what I got. :) The yellow painting someone was giving away on her blog. She didn't like it so much and I loved it. :) It's not signed and I can't remember who it was. If you're reading this, please let me know so I can link back to you. Thank you all for wonderful art!
Manon sent me her prints and extra tidbits when I won her giveaway also Elizabeth when I won her lovely print. Darcy sent me her beautiful artwork as greeting cards along with the pencils and an eraser thingy that I won as a participant in her Postcard challenge. I forgot to take a pic of the eraser thingy. Sorry! I'll be framing all of that you know. :) Not the pencils. :)) The little canvas in the corner is from Kirstin and I have it displayed on a little easel on my desk. Thanks so much to you all for making my day with your generous gifts. :)
I won an ATC from Rachelle Panagarry and I swapped the Redhead girl with Jenny. Have I mentioned I love ATC's? :)) These are atc's that I've swapped through the blog or won. I have around 400 of them that I swapped through ATCs For All forum. And I got Snail mail from another Kristin. :) How awesome is that?! I love it all! Thanks so much! I feel very lucky. :)

I'm linking to Blogtoberfest and if you have any questions for me to answer, leave it in the comments and I'll get to it. :)


  1. OMG Natasha!!!!! You need a Gallery to hang all this luscious artiness!!!! :D XXX

  2. I have The Artists Way I'm looking forward to reading it, I've heard a lot of good things about it. Come by my blog and share your link with the SMWYG art linkup we'd love to see you there.

  3. Geeezz, I can't believe you won all this! You are one lucky lady! Beautiful, all of it!

  4. WOW! That's brilliant! HOW cool is that - so much loot! AND you so deserve it all - thanks for my mention too - I totally forgot about that ;) xoxoxo

  5. You are a very lucky gal. You have won some amazing giveaways!
    Hugs and many blessings to you Natasha

  6. Look at all that yummy art!! I'm thrilled to be in your Collection of Awesomeness...haha!

    I framed the mermaid you sent me, btw....and I have the demon I won from you last year displayed on my piano for Halloween...and I just love my Haunted House ATC!

    Don't we have the best Artsy Blog Friends?!

  7. this is so sweet Natasha. You seem to have gotten some amazing little items there and met amazing artists.

  8. Wow Girl!!! Lucky you!!! So much fun! So many great pieces of art!


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