Tuesday, October 23, 2012

# 23 A dog's life

soulbrush asked me: is there a particular artist who stimulates you more than any other?

It varies. At the moment Flora Bowley and Tracy Verdugo are my favorites. Mark Ryden sometimes and Leilani Joy as well. I'm much more intrigued by a painting itself than a particular artist though.

Giggles asked me: Other than travel, if money were no object what would you do right now?

Move somewhere warmer, buy a house at the beach and enjoy life. Very likely painting, writing a book and doing Yoga or Pilates. Also I would go on these fabulous art retreats I keep hearing about and drooling over. :)

Coleen asked me: where you live and how do you like it? Have you always lived there? Having seen other parts of the world is there somewhere else you'd like to live someday? What keeps you where you are?

I live in Slovenia in a country shaped like a chicken. :) I've always lived in this country but I've moved twice in my life. I was born and raised in capital city of Ljubljana but moved out of the city some 30 km away a couple of years ago. I love my country. We have ocean, mountains, Karst caves, lakes and lots of green pastures and forests. You can drive across country in 2 hours literally. :) We're that small. :) What keeps me here? My family and pets. :)) If I wanted to move abroad, I'd have to spend a small fortune to bring my pets along and if they needed quarantine, it would kill me to leave them.

Since I have no more questions to answer, here is my random list. :)
  1.  I had to cut my mom's dog's hair around the butt because he had diarrhea and shit was stuck in his fur. Ha! You weren't expecting that one, did you? :)
  2. He's not a Pug. He's Karst Shepherd.
  3. Oh! I just remembered I made a website for him like eons ago. Look! This is us when I was taking him to dog shows. We don't do that anymore. :)
  4. Have you read Byron Katie's book Loving What Is? You should.
  5. I need more questions to answer so don't be shy. Ask me anything you like. :) It can be a silly, entertaining question or a serious one. It doesn't matter.



  1. Hihi, I like your dog with the pink wings. You really do have a lot of dogs and cats! Okay, I'll think of some more questions: What is your favourite morning routine? What do you do when you're stressed out? What do you like most about yourself? What do you like most about your partner? Do all your dogs and cats live inside the house? What is your earliest childhood-memory? When and why did you start painting? ...

  2. Gosh your doing well Natasha :D....and in a house full of men and dogs, if my feet didn't smell of flowers you wouldn't notice lol.
    Love your little poochy in butterfly wings :D XXX

  3. I love the pictures of you and the puppy!!! You always make laugh! LOL! Great to know more about where you live! Sounds beautiful!!

  4. Your country sounds fantastic - you have everything within such short distances. So sorry about #1 on your random list, but maybe it should have been #2 - lol! Love your illustration of the dog too.

  5. I would like to go to some of the art retreats as well, seems like everyone is taking off on these adventures lately but me! :) Your drawing is so unique and fun! :)

  6. I would like to go to some of the art retreats as well, seems like everyone is taking off on these adventures lately but me! :) Your drawing is so unique and fun! :)


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