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# 21 My pets

MeinLilaPark asked me: I would be really pleased to hear something about your cuties. Is there a funny habit you can tell? Or even a funny story?

Well, I talked a little something about them already. Go HERE to read. 
My first dog was a rottweiler bitch named Kana. She died a couple of years ago from kidney failure. When she was a year old I figured we'd get some cats. Well, actually I just wanted one but I ended up with two. :) They are girls named Roadie and Murphy and are almost 12 years old.
Murphy is the only one of my pets that ever had a litter. She ran away for 3 days when in heat before I got her spayed. Roadie's quirk is that she opens door. She just jumps on the door handle and opens it so we learned to lock the doors. She is also the Alpha Cat. :)
Charlie came to us 3 years later. He is deaf and was returned to a friend of mine when I was visiting her. He was so adorable that I brought him home. I refer to him as my gangsta cat because he's a destroyer. He chewed through so many electrical cables I stopped counting. He could also open the kitchen cabinets and push out the whole set of plates so he could take a nap in there. :) The plates did not survive. He also didn't manage to learn to do his business in the litter box so I'm always cleaning up after him. Luckily he usually does it in the bathroom so it's easier to clean.
Bolha came a couple of months after Charlie. Bolha means Flea in Slovene. I found her while I was walking my dog and almost stepped on her. She is an offspring of some stray cats my neighbor fed around the building we were leaving at. She was so small and had infected eyes so I took her home to nurse her to health and then put her up for adoption. That never happened. :) She is the one cat that loves dogs but despises other cats and humans.
Three years after that I found Lolita - Lola while we were catching feral cats for spay and neuter. I chased her down in an old abandoned locomotive. I just fell in love with her. She is second in command and is starting to challenge the alpha Roadie. :)
Ajda and Gizmo are brother and sister. They were in foster care and I was supposed to babysit them over the weekend but they were sick and I agreed to keep them with me while I nurse them to health. Well, nobody was adopting and after 3 months I couldn't give them away anymore so they stayed.

I stopped fostering cats after that. :)
Kika is the small pooch I adopted when she was 2 and a half years old. And Karma I got after my Kana died. She was adopted from a local shelter at the age of 8 months. And she also opens doors for herself just like the cat Roadie. :)

If you noticed, all my dog's names start with the letter K. It happened as an accident when my mom got a dog and his pedigree name was Kato. I already had my Kana. So when I got my second dog, I decided to keep the letter and name her Kika, her original name was Pika. Karma didn't really have a name to start with so my hubby and I came up with Karma cause she was destined for us.:)

I'm blogging every day in October for Blogtoberfest and I need something to write about. :) Ask me anything you like.


  1. Love your cuties!! I wish I could have dogs, too, but I live in a small apartment and 4 cats are all I can have for now.

  2. Such a great family - and how lucky they all are to be so loved! Their little quirks make them almost 'human'. How lucky they are to have found you. xoDonna

  3. What a wonderful family! Valerie

  4. Aw... love to see all your fur babies :)

  5. I bet there's never a dull moment in your house with all your fur babies around! How lovely to have a home so full of life:)
    You are doing so well with the Blogtoberfest, especially as it came straight after the 29 faces challenge, not long now and you can have a rest!!
    Good luck with your new workshop

  6. You are a very good people to give a lovely home to these animal friends. I know they will repay you in spadefuls.

    Janet xx

  7. ANd that is exactly why I don't foster animals too. I have already rescued a house full ♥

  8. Kika is sooooo adorable. Good for you for adopting out of shelters. We will likely do the same someday when we are ready for the next pet. I knew at one time, but I forgot, where you live and how do you like it? Have you always lived there? Having seen other parts of the world is there somewhere else you'd like to live someday? What keeps you where you are? Ok, so that's a bit more than one question.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Always fun to see yours.
    Coleen in Ukraine

  9. You have such a big heart to go aslong with that beautiful family of yours :)

  10. Thank you so much for presenting your cuties!!! I read your post and just fell in love with every single one of your cats and dogs and have to watch their pictures over an over again with their stories in my mind.
    Their pictures really makes me smile now like the pictures of my own cats.
    Thanks again and lots of extra kisses to Charlie the cute white deaf – I think I lost my heart on him ♥♥♥

  11. I love this post so much!!! Thanks for sharing your animals and their stories! They are all precious! And, you are precious too! You have a good heart my friend ;o)


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