Monday, October 15, 2012

# 15 With wings

I have been asked some fabulous questions from you and I enjoy answering every single one. Thank you for helping me out. :) If you have a question for me, leave it in the comments below.

Donna, Doni, Lady D asked me: Do you consider yourself a spiritual woman, a woman of some depth? (ie connected with your higher self, working on learning your life lessons, personal growth in whatever areas you feel need to be worked on, believe in a higher power, think in some way we are all 'one', all 'interconnected'?

I've mentioned this once before. I wasn't raised religiously so I'm not a religious person but I do consider myself spiritual.

For a couple of years now I've been interested more in exploring the consciousness, the human existence from a spiritual perspective. I don't believe in God from an organized religion point of view.

I do believe in Source/Light where our souls originate from. Not in the way that the Source is our maker, like religions teach though. I believe we are all a part of that Source, a fraction that has been "sent out" to experience something in particular. We all have that Light within us and in this respect we are all one because we come from the same Source and therefore we are all connected, we just forgot about it when we entered this world.

We each have set out to learn something from this life, so we can call them life lessons. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson: Life is a journey, not a destination.

But these are not lessons from a negative point of view like it's supposed to be a punishment for something we did or we will be punished if we don't learn a lesson. We're here to experience life. Our life purpose is to live. And it might be something like winning a Nobel Peace Prize or giving birth to a particular soul or influencing someone with our love/hate/action/reaction.

Ok, I'm not going to go any deeper than this. :) If you want to know more about what I'm saying, I recommend Wayne Dyer, Mike Dooley and Teal Scott in particular. There are many more but these are my spiritual teachers at the moment.

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  1. Lovely painting and good answer! Valerie

  2. I was raised religious and left it behind but consider myself spiritual, more so than many religious folks I've met.

  3. Beautiful painting of an angel and good answers. x

  4. I love the gentle expression of this angel! ♥ Your answers are very open and honest. I admire that you take a firm stand on such personal and difficult questions. Thank you so much for your openness! It's very exciting and fascinating to read your posts!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Natasha. It is always challenging to express our spiritual nature, as it is such a personal thing and yet people are so very attached to their own beliefs. I am with you on most of what you said. A good topic for discussion! I also happen to think that many artists find "art" as a way to access this special place in us. I think that much of the art that is out there is a person trying to express this un-namable entity that is God, Allah, Source, whatever you want to call it!

  6. Love the painting my friend, and I found your answer very interesting! Thanks for sharing ;o)

  7. Aww....she is a sweet one...

    You are too....I appreciate your can be so difficult to express our views so openly here...but you do it with authenticity :)
    One of the reasons I like you so much!


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