Saturday, October 13, 2012

# 13 What are you truly hungry for?

I'm having fun with Blogtoberfest this October. :) Thanks so much for all the questions and keep them coming. :)

If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm answering your random questions that you leave for me in the comments throughout this event in October. So, if you have a question you'd like me to answer, now is the time to speak up.

Magic Love Crow asked me: Do you enjoy your own art in your home?
Mary Walker Designs asked me: Do you display any of the art you create in your own home?

I do. I have other people's paintings on my stairway walls and in my studio but I have my own paintings on my living room walls. Not all of them because there's no room but most of them.

Donna, Doni, Lady D asked me: Do you 'show' your work outside of blog land? If so, where and when?

No. I had one show in a local library last year but nothing since. I feel like you need to have a coherent work to show and I keep changing my mind. :)

Kat that is hosting Blogtoberfest had a lovely post about the Soul hunger the other day and asked us:  what are you truly hungry for?

The reason this question drew me in is because I feel like I'm hungry for passion. I'm hungry for that feeling inside that wakes you up in the morning and you just need to do certain something so bad you can hardly contain yourself.

That's what I'm hungry for because everything right now seems just something I have to do and I'm avoiding it as much as possible and then I feel bad because I haven't done anything productive with my time.

Linking to Artists in Blogland.


  1. Lovely mermaids. I am hungry for coffee just now! Valerie

  2. Love your mers too. I find your answer to 'what are you hungry for' interesting. Does your art not fulfill your passion. Do you need more? Do you know what it is you are missing? hmmmm. xoDonna

  3. haven't had time to reads Kat's but will tonite! I get what you mean & struggle with that passion need yet void that need to fill

  4. yes more coffee and maybe some custard, strange for breakfast but I crave it. wonderful mermaids love the colors.

  5. Passion is addictive- I love that feeling when I am so driven by a project that I am just along for the ride and it has a life of its own.

  6. Your passion is so palpable in your art, Natasha! It's wonderful to witness.
    Now for another question: fast forward to five years' time; where are you, what are you doing, how are you feeling?

  7. I'm kinda in that stage in my life, too....searching for that something that drives me to my core :)

  8. Hi, i found your link at 'Artists in Blogland'. I like your mermaids very much! It's a beautiful page. Greetings, Anneke

  9. I love your mermaids and I understand your passion! Keep it going ;o)

  10. Interesting answer to questions asked. It is sometimes hard to know what we want or feel. I love the mermaids, because half human(thinking and analyzing) and fish (go with the natural flow!).


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