Monday, September 10, 2012

# 8-10 Symbols in a painting

I attempted a mandala intuitive centering painting from Claudia Olivos’ lesson in Angels in my Studio class. It was a really enjoyable and peaceful process and lots of symbolism.

I haven't decided what color background, yet. I tried the black one in Photoshop. What do you think?

I'm not going to explain the symbolism because  there's just a whole lot of it and I'd probably loose you at first sentence. :) But there's nothing stopping me to just list them.
  • 11 sun rays
  • 9 butterflies
  • 3 angels
  • 3 hearts
  • cat
  • palm tree
  • ocean
  • curls/swirls
I will tell you what struck me fascinating. When I was drawing I wanted to draw a sun but it kind of didn't work out because I was seeing the painting set in a moonlight, so I attempted to draw a moon but only managed to put its reflection on the ocean's surface. The further I went the moon's reflection bothered me so I erased it and instead made sun rays. I didn't count them but there ended up 11 of them.

Here is symbolism for number 11:
"The 11 carries a vibrational frequency of balance. It represents male and female equality. It contains both sun energy and moon energy simultaneously yet holding them both in perspective separate-ness." 
A whole lot of faces for 29 Faces. :) And a perfect fit for this week's Illustration Friday theme Imagination.


  1. Lovely painting, I think I prefer the white background! Valerie

  2. That's interesting that you ended up with exactly 11 rays. I think she's lovely, and the black really makes the colours pop, but it might be a bit too black. Maybe some dark blue or something?

  3. Beautiful, strange how it all came together with how you felt about the painting and the symbolism. I like the way some of the design overlaps the outer edge giving it a 3D quality. As for background colours, I would either leave it as a circular painting or take on of the colours from the backgrond to use. I agree with Denthe on the black.

  4. This is gorgeous Natasha!!! I like the dark background, because it makes the happy brightness of this piece even brighter :D XXX

  5. She's lovely! I love the hair and the stylistic sun rays, and the way the flock(?) of butterflies breaks up the background patterns. Also the other teeny angels. So nicely done!

    While I think the black background might be too dark, I also think some of the issue is there is so much of it. Maybe crop it so it's more a square, with equal margins on all sides? That would leave much less black. Or if you were going to add some text or decorative bits to the top and bottom, that would change the whole look too.

  6. can sure see you're having a lotta fun here.

  7. This is lovely Natasha. Hugs and blessings.

  8. I love this little angel! and I LOVE the ACEO I just picked up from the mail!!! I am so happy I won, and I want to thank you! Xo) ♥

  9. This is truly beautiful and fantastic! I love the meaning! I like the dark background. It makes your painting pop!

  10. Lovely illustration!!! Lovely colors!

  11. How did I miss this? I love it ...VERY VERY VERY much!!!!! Glad it didn't totally slip by me :0)


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