Wednesday, September 19, 2012

# 18-19 Superheros to the rescue

Sorry guys! I forgot to schedule the post for this morning and I had stuff to do until now. :) Anyway! Here it is.
Da randomness:
  • I don't like this paper I'm painting on. As you can see it has quite deep texture and it leaves white spots. Luckily I only have a couple of pieces still left so I won't have to worry about it any more. :)
  • We have this orange cat that comes to us from somewhere around the neighborhood and he terrorizes my mom's cats. If you could hear the voices that come out from fighting cats, you'd be calling the police that someone is skinning a baby alive. Horrible sounds.
  • Here's something you're dying to hear. :) I had a gynecologist appointment yesterday but couldn't go because there was something wrong with my health insurance. I'm sorting out that shit today.
  • I'm addicted to sour cream & onion flavored potato chips. Can you imagine my breath? :)) I always make sure to kiss my hubby so he can appreciate the experience. :)))
  • I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Make sure you come back to check it out. :)
  • Free Kindle e-books. You need to double check if they're still free before you "buy" them from Amazon.
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  1. Love your heroes. I have that sort of paper, too, but I love the spotty effect it gives! Have fun sorting out your insurance and visiting the gynacologist - in Germany he's sometimes called a 'Ladies Tailor'. No explanations! Valerie

  2. Terrific portraits Natasha, hope you get everything sorted soon with your insurance, x

  3. fun to see your cartoon characters.... textured paper can be fun, or not... ha

  4. I have some of that paper too and I really get impatient with it. So I only use it when I'm out of good paper :0)
    Great Super Heroes !!!

  5. Oh I do love your bad guys. "Ladies Taylor" ha ha Valerie! I'll be back tomorrow to see what's up. xoDonna

  6. Awesome. It reminds of the old episodes where Batman & Robin "bam", "shazam"!!!!

  7. Great images of batman and the Joker!
    Your randomness is just so....'random':))
    Thanks for sharing xx


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