Monday, August 27, 2012

In need of angels

I'm going to be quick today as I'm taking my Gangsta cat Charlie back to the vet this morning. Stuff just keeps oozing out of him.

I hope they'll do more for him this time around. Last week all they did was clean his wound and told us to do the same. Well, it's not working.

It's not just a splotch here and there. Yesterday he literally dripped out of his wound as he was standing. And it's not blood but that other red stuff. I don't know the word for it in my language let alone in English. :)

Ok, I selected another winner for Frida and it's Donna. Yay! :))
Please e-mail me with your snail address. :)


  1. Hope Charlie is well again soon... more gorgeous ATC's Natasha... love the Angels... and big congrats to Donna...

    Jenny x

  2. Sorry about your cat, sounds nasty. Congrats to Donna, glad she gets yout Frida! Sending healing hugs for the cat and you....Valerie

  3. Hopefully those lovely angels will help Charlie ... he sounds very sick. Poor cat.

  4. Awwww! Poor Charlie. I detest it when our pets get sick. Good luck at the Vet. Love the Angels. AND ..... I. Won.! Excitement abounds. I adore your Frida and the fact she is coming back to her homeland is incredible. She will be very happy with me --- help me with my painting and all that - tell me the inside scoop of Diego. Yup, I'm a happy camper. Thanks so much Natasha May. I'll send you my snail mail. xoDonna

  5. these angels are so sweet Natasha!!!! wonderful work!!!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about poor Charlie. I hope they sort out whatever is ailing him soon and he's back to being a full on gangsta cat!

    Your angel girls are lovely.

  7. Poor kitty boy :(

    Hope the angels help bring a peaceful and painless resolution for his problem!

  8. I hope that Charlie will be alright. There has to be some type of medication or ointment to help speed the healing process. Your angels are quite lovely - hope they guided you on the visit to the vet.

  9. So sorry about Charlie... hope he is doing better. I really like your angles! Beautiful.

  10. I love your angels! I do hope your cat is alright! Poor Charlie! I will be thinking of him ;o)

  11. Love your angels, and I hope your cat is okay. Poor thing.


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