Monday, July 23, 2012

Star Trek Andorian

Yeah! For someone like me that isn't a Trekkie and apart from Spock and Data (which I first thought was Dana) I have no idea what they are called, it was really hard to come up with something on this topic that was suggested at The Butterfly Effect.

Well, I figured I can't go wrong with an alien so here is an Andorian male drinking coffee. Lol!

Here is some random stuff for you:
  • I'm reading Lolita. I cannot believe I have not read it yet. Lolita being so famous and since I named one of my cats Lolita. :) I'm really impressed with the word play. Really, wow! And this from an author that had English as his third language.
  • As much as I love Vampire stories I think Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter is a little too much, don't you think? It's a movie, if you have no idea what I'm talking about.:)
  • My Mom's dog tried to eat a hedgehog last night. Don't know how it got in our yard since we're all fenced in. My Mom saved the hedgehog of course. :) It was huge.
  • Do you have a gratitude journal? I try to write in it every day but sometimes time slips away.
  • My Cotton Candy Girls class is closing in a week. If you're one of my students, make sure you've downloaded all course material.
  • That's all Folks! :)) Enjoy your week.


  1. Nice painting, aliens who drink coffee must be sympathetic! That huge hedgehog sounds scary! Valerie

  2. Ha....your Andorian drinking coffee...they did always seem to like it, no matter which planet they were from :D
    ...and hedgehogs are great climbers...if it didn't burrow under the fence it could have climbed over it :D XXX

  3. Ha ha I am not a trekkie fan either- but this is very fun and funny too. How did the dog get those quills in its mouth? Ugh. Your classes? What does that mean- I want to be in one of your classes too.

  4. Well, he sure looks like an alien! Very imaginative!

  5. He looks like quite a gentleman. Love the shape of his face, cheekbones and all! ^-^

    // Virtual Boy

  6. Aaawww, please let me know if/when you run another class- I love it!

  7. Love him!!!! Now I have to run and make sure I have everything downing loaded form Cotton Candy Girls. My life is slowing down a bit finally so I can actually work on it :0)

  8. I am loving the Star Trek theme. When I was little, I used to have a crush on Spock. Seriously.

  9. I am so not a Trekkie either...haha! I like that you have him drinking can never go wrong with coffee ;P

    I don't know, I really want to see that movie...hey, here's a fact for ya....on my birthdate, Lincoln was shot and the Titanic sank...interesting omen, eh?


  10. great Trekkie ! great antennae :)

  11. I love the antennae. And the coffee, of course, yum!

    You thinking of Mr. Data as "Dana" made me giggle.

    I've read Lolita several times, and just finished rereading it a few days ago. I'm writing about it in a few days, for I had a somewhat heated conversation with someone who believes the novel is just obscene.

  12. Your Star Trek dude is cool! I have to admit, I am not a fan either! Hedgehog?? Poor guy, lucky he was saved by your mom!

  13. This dude is cool, must admit those aliens I found a bit sexually disturbing, it looked like they should wear a hat or something & cover up those waving appendages LOL! Sounds like you dog was saved from the ginormous hedgehog LOL I can picture it polevaulting over the fenced off yard to get in the back garden LOL, cute!

  14. (: he's a cool coffee drinking guy (:
    no i don't have an attitude journal - i don't know what that is, but i might need one.

    and you know what?

    i haven't read lolita either.

    do i need to?
    do you enjoy it?

  15. I love your Andorian. :) I have never read Lolita either, though it is on my to read list. I will bump it up.

    I have a gratitude journal, but I never remember to write in it. Once my morning pages are a habit I have plans to ramp up the gratitude journal...or maybe I should just stop making excuses.

  16. Oh the Trekkie in me so happy to an Andorian on an art blog! They are one of my favorite recurring species on Star Trek!


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