Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Queen of Wands

"The Queen of Wands is said by some to represent one's basic instinct. Her strength and task are providing initial inputs. She says to you that you must think of the consequences of what you do, but that you must be sure to focus on what will get you moving and how to do it." (via)

Are you familiar with Tarot Cards? I'm not, so I can't share any wisdom with you. Instead, here is some randomness. :)
  • After a long break, I started reading books again. It's one of those thing I do. I get all obsessed for a while then I stop for a while. :)
  • Some shows on Discovery Channel and National Geographic are pretty educational. Just the other day I was talking with my friend, realizing we didn't learn much in school. I'm talking about the science stuff. All I can vaguely remember are theories and equations. TV makes it look so much more fun. :)
  • Sunflower is my favorite flower and Peacock my favorite bird. What's yours?
  • I saw this idea on FB and I thought it would be really cool if we bought some wooden children chairs and nailed them on the wall as shelves for cats to lounge on. Of course if you don't have cats, books will do. :)
  • Thanks for all the help with the recipes on my previous post. :) I've found some great ones and I'm itching to try them.
  • I've listed a couple of paintings in my Etsy shop. Go check it out!
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  1. Lovely painting, the queen of wands looks very determined. There is a pub here in Düsseldorf where they have chairs which have been painted by different artists hanging on the walls and from the ceiling! Valerie

  2. Her wand looks like mine lol :D My fav flower..mmmm...I love all wildflowers, but I think Bluebells would have to be my have. As for birds I would choose the Dunnock (often called Hedge sparrow)..a small insignificant brown bird who sits outside my door and sings so sweetly, but everyone thinks it is a wren. :D XXX

  3. a great card. I have a few decks and love each one for different reasons. have thought about drawing my own deck but that would be quite the undertaking. sunflower for sure - flamingo, cardinal, rooster - tough call.
    cheers, dana

  4. I love daisies and my favorite bird is the crow or my minds version of a winged frog. Hm, I like the idea of chairs as bookshelves...

  5. Oh my dear, she's lovely! I love the quiet strength she portrays from her throne!

  6. Love the Queen of Wands! My favorite flower is Sunflowers also and my favorite bird is more difficult to say. Probably an Eagle but that's probably just this weeks choice :0)

  7. the queen of wands is so powerful and beautiful

  8. I love your Queen Of Wands! Excellent my friend ;o) I honestly don't know what my favorite flower is??? The children chairs idea is cool! Take Care ;o)

  9. Love the Queen of Wands, I don't know much about the Tarot but I want to learn more. One day, along with everything else I want to learn about. :) My favourite flower is a white daisy. And I am not a fan of birds generally, the crow keeps coming up for me when I look at animal medicine so I will go with that. :)


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