Monday, July 30, 2012

____ (Insert word in blank)

A journal page I've done some time ago and it has dragonflies and ants on it so it counts under "insects" theme that The Butterfly Effect is having for this week. :)

Can you tell one of the bird flocks is upside down. Lol!

The quote says: Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. ~ unknown

Random shit:
  • I'm 4 blog posts away from my 400th post. :)
  • We've been having my nephew staying with us for the past 2 weeks. Teenage boys smell!
  • How many secrets are there to successful blogging, successful business, being a successful artist, etc ___ (insert word in blank)? Seriously? Everyone is promising the next best thing to winning a lottery but when you pay them to reveal their secrets, it's always something to the account of ~ know your market, work your ass off and similar crap. We all know that! Where the f*uck is the secret you're promising everyone?
  • Sorry! Just a momentary lapse of __ (insert word in blank). :) 
  • I better go meditate. I'm doing the Deepak Chopra's 21 Day meditation challenge. I started late and I missed one day so that get's me to Day 9 today.
  • Did I tell you I cut my hair and died it black? No? Well, I did.  It's really short, short. I figured I'd just cut it off since I had my hair in a ponytail all the time anyway.
  • This is the last call for my Cotton Candy Girls Students to download the class material. I'll be closing down the class blog on August 1st, 2012.
  • I ♥ You!  Be awesome!


  1. Your journal pages are great, never mind where those silly birds are flying! Valerie

  2. once again I am laughing! yep, agree, no miracles- no shortcuts - work your ass of is right.
    cheers, dana
    pics of your hair please!

  3. Am loving this "sassier" you to cut my hair now(wonder where I can get green hair dye??) :D XXX

  4. what a beauty! love her long legs!
    And yes, I would love to know that secret too!! Tell me when you find it!

  5. Amazing journal page, Natasha! 21 day Meditation? Going to see!! :)
    But I must say that I don't completely agree with you about the subject "successful blogging". I've recently signed up to a blog&biz e-course, and I'm finding it very useful. Of course, they don't give you a secret spell to make things happen, but following some simple rules and having access to tips and tricks can be helpful sometimes. :)

  6. wow this is so fab, wonderful artwork, x

  7. Natasha, she is a goddess, gorgeous.

  8. Hey My Friend ;o) Love your journal page! Love the quote! I really looked at it closely, I can't tell any of the bird flocks are upside down. Maybe I am upside down! LOL! I bet your hair looks great! I would love to cut my hair short, but I lost a lot of it when I was sick. I have to do a comb over now! LOL! Did I make you laugh ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. she is wonderful as is the tree

    thank you for the cotton candy class
    i have only done the first lesson but look forward to the others, you are a wonderful teacher

    enjoy that new hair of yours~

  10. May I please adopt the upside down bird? And the frog, yes, I want the lovely frog, too ;-)

    How wonderful to be surrounded by so much life. I bet that girl is all kinds of happy.

    Don't get me started about advertising about making this and that better. I just got a promotional e-mail that sounds more like an insult. I might share it...

    I hope the meditating went well. I need to do some.

  11. Such a pretty page.....I woulda never seen the upside down birds if you didn't mention them....haha!

    Teenagers stink in a lot of ways if you ask! Gotta be one of the worst stages of human development ;P

    Wow.....400! Something to marvel out....that's a lot of thoughts and art shared....awesome!

  12. Gorgeous journal page Natasha... and just love the quote... the meditation challenge sounds fab too... and would love to see a pic of your new hair style...

    Jenny x

  13. :) I had to look hard for the upside down flock! Love the frog. And photos of your hair are forthcoming I imagine??? :)

  14. I didn't notice the upside down bird flock til you mentioned it and then I had to look for it,lol.
    Love your journal page and the quote.
    I want to get into meditation because I hear it's good for anxiety/panic attacks and I've had issues with that lately.
    I agree that teenage boys do kinda smell...that made me laugh.:)

  15. She is a real beauty and she looks so strong as a goodess beneath this old tree...great ♥

  16. "How many secrets are there to successful blogging, successful business, being a successful artist, etc ___ (insert word in blank)? Seriously? Everyone is promising the next best thing" <--- God, I KNOW. my other favorite? "i'll teach you the secrets other artists don't want you to know"



  17. hooray for ants in the art journal! it looks like you've even got a toad in there - even better than bugs in my book. I've got a smelly teenage nephew staying with me right now too!


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