Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sponsorships available

I am delighted to offer another venue for you to advertise and promote your passion. :)

Advertising on Natasha May Art World is available to those who are selling or promoting art products and materials, online courses and pretty much anything handmade or made by you (including books, CD's etc.).

Sponsorships are available on a first come, first serve basis and appear in the order in which they are requested.

I reserve the right to decline sponsorship/advertising, if I believe your product or service is not compatible with my blog vision.

Your sponsorship includes:
  • a static ad on my sidebar linking to the desired site
  • a sponsor spot in my monthly e-newsletter
You'll need to provide:
  • 120x120 pixels static ad (no animated gifs)
  • url link to your desired site
  • interview or a guest post with 3 photos (max.500 px) and links to your web site/blog/FB/twitter/shop for a FEATURED blog post (for Featured Sponsorship ONLY)
Site stats:
  • 200-400+ daily unique visits
  • 7000-8400 monthly visits
  • 700+ blog subscribers (Google friend connect and Bloglovin combined)
  • 2700+ FB fan page likers
  • 590+ twitter followers
  • 240+ e-newsletter readers
Extra spotlight:

For additional fee of only 5$ you get a chance to be interviewed by me or write a guest post and have an extra chance to be spotlighted on my blog in a separate FEATURED blog post with links to your web site/blog/FB/twitter/shop that also gets published on my FB fan page and twitter (note: only my blog post gets published on FB fan page and twitter not individual sponsor ads)

This option is only available for 4 different sponsors per month, meaning a sponsor can get only one extra spotlight per month.

  • regular sponsorship 15 $/month
  • featured sponsorship 20 $/month
Additional info:
  • a static ad on my sidebar is for the duration of payed sponsorship
  • a featured blog post is once per month of sponsorship on a Saturday and is based on a first come, first serve
  • sponsorship starts when your payment clears

If you select the featured sponsorship, I will e-mail you questions for you to answer for your featured blog post when I receive your payment. Or, if you decided to make a guest post, you can just e-mail me your text.

Sponsorships are offered on a monthly basis and there is no contract. Sponsorship fees are non-refundable.

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