Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bird with a Hat

See, when you have no idea what to draw or paint you go to 100 things to draw when you're bored. :)

Birds are freaking hard to draw or paint. And since The Butterfly Effect has a theme of birds for this week, I thought a bird in a hat would be just perfect.:) And you need to check out Amy's tutorial so click away over there.

Let's do the random cause it's been a while. :)
  • I know you're dying to hear what happened with my money and web hosting. :) Well, I got it back. They didn't complicate one bit which is always a pleasure. :)
  • I found that I much more enjoy making art for other people than myself. Weird, eh? It gives me motivation and inspiration knowing that somebody else is going to receive it. That's why I'm doing these journal pages as RAK's actually. They are not even swaps although some of them do make a page in return.
  • RAK means Random Act of Kindness
  • My Cotton Candy Girls class is finished. :) I really loved this endeavor and I can't wait to do it again. I had the bestest and nicest of people in my class and they really made this whole experience amazing.:)
  • I know bestest is not a word but it should be cause it's cute. :)
  • Waving hi to all my blog followers. :) I see my numbers increasing but I'm sorry Google friend connect is not displaying your blog, so I can't check it out. But if you leave a comment on my post and you have a link to your blog in your profile, I respond almost always. :)
  • That's it! Enjoy the day!


  1. Cutie! I'm finishing mine today. Love his hat!
    Happy that they gave your money back and that the class was a success. I'm always way behind, but not lost! :))

  2. Anonymous13 June, 2012

    What a darling bird!

  3. Love your bird, he looks like I feel this morning, but I'm not wearing a hat! Valerie

  4. what a sweetish boy I could kiss him!!! Love to hear all goes "bestens" with your class and although the webhosting ;) best wishes xox

  5. cute bird! thanks for defining RAK & your class was the BESTEST!!!!
    cheers, dana
    ps I am still on week 4

  6. What a gorgeous bird - love his top hat!! I am going to miss our Cotton Candy Class now it is finished - though I still have to do more paintings to finish the classes - all I need is time :) Thanks heaps Natasha for the fantastic class and please do another one in the future....

  7. I always love to come over and see what your imagination is up to--love him....and your randomness.

  8. He is so sweet Natasha, I love his blue hair and top hat. He must be going somewhere very special.
    Love your randomness, it always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing

  9. Of course bestest is a proper word ..."it was the bestest ever..." like "it was even betterer..." LOL :D XXX

  10. I love your bird in a hat! So cute! I have to make a crow in a hat ;o) I agree with Gina, of course bestest is a proper word ;o)

  11. Love your cute bird!

  12. I love this - it's so Cute!!

    glad you got sorted with the webhosting thing

  13. Beautiful birdie! Love his hat and blue hair...oh, and his red wing. :-)

  14. Oh your birdie is so cute. When I saw him I flashed back to my childhood. He reminds me of the drinking birds they used to make that would continuously bob their heads into a glass of water.

  15. Anonymous15 June, 2012

    Your birdie is very cute! I think art always comes out the best when you are making it for someone else! Happy PPF! :-)

  16. Bha! Look at his little top hat! I love him!

  17. Great bird!!! I want his hat!!!!

  18. Hola Natasha ¿lo has pintado tu? es muy simpático!!! estoy recientemente ilustrando el cuento de un pequeño pájarillo... a ver si lo llevo al blog cuando lo termine!
    PD/espero seguir tu blog pintas personajes muy dulces!!

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