Thursday, May 31, 2012

# 31 At last

Today is the last day of May and I'll point out two things. :)

1. It's the last day of 29 Faces in May. I've blogged a face every day. Sometimes more than one and I loved it. Well, not the whole time. :) I had a couple of days that were like, why am I doing this, but all in all it was a pretty good experience.

Thanks goes to our hostess Martha that ran the whole show and gave us a couple of challenges along the way. :) And of course it was fun checking out all the participants. I even found some new blogs to follow. :)

2. It's the last day of registration for my Cotton Candy Girls class. We're almost at the end of the class and I don't see the point of leaving the registration open after everything ends.

The class itself will be available until end of July, so there is plenty of time to catch up and the videos and PDF's are all downloadable so you can do it at a later date, if right now is not a good time for you. So, go ahead and sign up. :)

Oh wait! There's a third. :)

3. Since I was writing my yesterday's post at 3 in the morning I totally forgot that I was posting the last Goddess from 13 Goddesses challenge, so I forgot to give her a proper farewell. :)

Thanks goes to Simona, the challenge hostess, for picking out all 13 eras to choose from. Some were easier to pick out than others and some I like better than the others. :) But all in all a great experience. It was really fun learning about each goddess that got portrayed by the participants. :) You can find all 13 of mine HERE.

My Cotton Candy Girls On-line Workshop is now open and running. Registration will be open until end of May, so you still have time to join us. :)


  1. Another beautiful portrait Natasha... she is just gorgeous... have loved seeing your wonderful faces every day of the challenge... it has been fun, hasn't it...
    thank you, too, for your sweet blog comments... appreciate it so much...
    can't wait to see what you do next...

    Jenny x

  2. Another lovely face. Well done on keeping it up! Valerie

  3. Gorgeous face to finish on Natasha :D I enjoyed both these challenges too :D XXX

  4. It sure was fun visiting here every day and seeing your beautiful faces. This girl is another beauty. I'll be coming back for more ;-)

  5. What a beauty to finish with, she has an Irish look about her with that black hair and light blue eyes.
    You have been super busy during May with this, plus other challenges and setting up your on line tutorials and yet you consistantly create beautiful art...Amazing!
    I have enjoyed visiting you and following your journey, Thank you for sharing and for all your kind comments and words of encouragement. I will look forward to seeing what you do next.

  6. Great work, celebrate and do something special for yourself you earned it.

  7. I've enjoyed this challenge too even if I did fall behind at the very end. Your faces were all wonderful !!!

  8. such a lovely gal, such a sweet open face.

  9. Congrats Natasha! You did it ;o) I like her look! She knows something or she is eyeing a guy and she likes him ;o) Congrats again for accomplishing both challenges ;o)

  10. She is beautiful. I really admire your tenacity for sticking to the challenge. I would have given up by day 3...

  11. You last face of the challenge is beautiful Natasha. This was a fun and quite a learning experience for me and loved every minute of it.
    Thank you for visiting and leaving me positive comments. I appreciate that from a more experienced artist.
    Take care and I will be back to visit again soon.
    Lesley ♥

  12. Lovely girl. She reminds me of someone but I haven't put a name with her yet. It will come to me in the middle of the night for sure.

    Congrats, you made it to the end of the challenge. It's going to be sad to be done with it. I really had a fun time drawing faces and especially seeing what everyone else has done. Found a lot of wonderful people such as yourself.

  13. Her face is just lovely to look at!
    Such a pretty girl :)

  14. GORGEOUS face! Congratulations on having completed the challenge! Oh, and I'm happy you got the goods ;) xo

  15. I just found your blog and I love your art work! I hope you will be offering your online class again in the future. It looks like so much fun! Take care!

  16. Beautiful lady! Thanks for sharing the fun, and participating in the challenge! (I had days too when I was thinking "why!!??" hehehehe)
    See you in the next one in September! Read you soon!


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